Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly break off their engagement

After months of speculation, Megan Fox has confirmed that she and Machine Gun Kelly are no longer engaged.

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The actress confirmed the rumors during a podcast interview call her daddyHosted by Alex Cooper.

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Their story began in 2020, before they announced their engagement in 2022. For over a year now, they have been separated, although Megan chose to remain secretive about the details of their situation.

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The rumors began spreading in February last year, when Megan Fox removed all photos of her fiancé from her social media, an unusual move as the couple was not known for their discretion.

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Indeed, Megan Fox and MGK’s pairing has attracted attention for years, with their emotional public appearances regularly making headlines. Many are also wondering what might have attracted the beautiful brunette to this man with controversial style.

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In any case, this is now a story of the past.

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