Megan Fox’s cult classic horror-comedy gets exciting sequel update after 15 years


  • Jennifer’s Body Writer Diablo Cody has revealed the possibility of a sequel as she wants to make another film and needs the right partners who believe in it.
  • Kodi initial accept”saltiness” after the film’s failure in 2009, but he is now happy with the positive reception it has received in recent years.
  • Jennifer’s BodyMarketing to men and focusing on Megan Fox’s sex appeal contributed to its initial disappointing performance, but its message and ahead-of-its-time storytelling have been praised by audiences, especially young women.

Jennifer’s Body 15 years after its release, the game received an exciting sequel update from author Diablo Cody. The horror-comedy follows a high school student, Jennifer Czech (Megan Fox), who begins to prey on male classmates, upsetting her childhood best friend, Needy Lesnicki. With Fox, the cast of Jennifer’s Body It included Amanda Seyfried, Johnny Simmons, Adam Brody, Amy Sedaris and JK Simmons. The film received mixed reactions in 2009 and its disappointing performance at the box office was considered to be a result of mismarketing. However, Jennifer’s Body In subsequent years it has become a cult classic.It was praised for its feminism and Cody’s script.

In a recent interview with bloody disgustingKodi revealed this Is Jennifer’s Body work on sequel may be underway, She expressed interest in making another film and discussed how her feelings about it have changed, now that she is enjoying positive reception from audiences. Read Cody’s comments regarding a possible follow-up Jennifer’s Body Below:

Yes! I want to make a sequel. I’m not finished with Jennifer’s body. I just need to find…I need to partner with people who believe in this as much as I do and that hasn’t really happened yet. I need someone with a billion dollars to believe it. At first, I just thought, “Oh, where was this audience when I needed it?”, and then I realized there were…seven of them. And then some people, who maybe didn’t appreciate it at the time, have come along, and now I say, “There’s no bitterness, I’m just happy now.”

I mean, it’s gotten progressively happier for me. At first, I was like, I was obviously excited about it, but I was also a little salty because I remember thinking, “Where was this audience when the movie was released?” It was a critical, commercial failure. To be completely honest with you, I was very mortified. Coming to that film was a difficult experience. It was hard for me, it was hard for Megan (Fox)… (then) people suddenly started talking about it like it was a good movie, which I always thought it was.

Will Jennifer’s Body 2 actually happen?

Jennifer's body Jennifer is making fun of the needy

on release, Jennifer’s Body The main reason why the film was not liked by the audience was that it was marketed keeping men in mind. Promotional material focusing on Fox’s sex appeal, Much of its tone and overall story remains hidden. Cody mentioned how the ad made an impact Jennifer’s Body And it turned out that early feedback had emphasized Fox’s presence, which suggested that public opinion and the ongoing speculation surrounding it may have played another role. As audiences, especially young women, began rewatching the film, many celebrated its message and agreed with Jennifer’s Body Was ahead of his time.

In 2021, Fox discussed a possibility Jennifer’s Body sequel, and Cody’s latest comments about the film suggest that something may finally be happening. The ending left Needy’s future open, revealing that he developed superhuman abilities and killed Low Shoulder, the band responsible for Jennifer’s capture. While Jennifer died, given the events that occurred and her relationship with Needy, perhaps Fox’s character could return once again.

welcome towards Jennifer’s Body A lot has changed over the years, and a follow-up project actually being made will prove this even more. Fox himself has enjoyed a career resurgence with such wicked till death And the expendables 4, With Cody preparing to make another film, fans have a reason to be excited, and it will be interesting to see how successful the sequel is this time around.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

Jennifer’s Body

Directed by Karyn Kusama and written by Diablo Cody, Jennifer’s Body is a horror-comedy film starring Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried. When a newly minted high school cheerleader (Fox) is transformed into a succubus adept at seducing and murdering her male classmates, her best friend (Seyfried) is the only thing that stands in the way of her sultry murder spree. .

release date
18 September 2009

karyn kusama

Megan Fox, Adam Brody, JK Simmons, Johnny Simmons, Amanda Seyfried

102 minutes

Diablo Cody

$16 million

20th century

20th century

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