Mexico Under-23 beats Argentina to head to Paris 2024

The Mexican U-23 national team defeated its Argentinian counterpart led by Javier Mascherano 3-0 and will participate at Paris 2024

puebla.-the Mexican under-23 team He showed determination and strength to defeat his teammates 3-0. argentinaThe second match of a series of friendly matches that will serve the South American team as preparation for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The Mexican team could not qualify for the sporting event, but from last year and under the command of Ricardo Cadena, it began the process of saving a generation of players who had previously argentina He showed character, virtue and pride.

With a fight at the end of the match, the Mexican players recovered from a 2-4 first-match defeat against the South Americans last Friday.

The Aztec team played good football and scored a big one with a score by Santiago Muñoz and a double by Ramiro Arciga, without allowing themselves to concede a goal. This time the setting was Cuauhtémoc Stadium, where there were approximately 20,000 fans in the stands.

This Monday, both the teams made many changes. Marcelo Flores was absent for Mexico due to a concussion; The player immediately went to Monterrey for treatment. Only Ramon Juárez repeated the start, while only three players did so for Argentina.

in a good job MexicoSantiago Muñoz somehow looked for a foul in the area and Luján brought it down, and on 38′ Muñoz took the penalty himself.

The Aztec team did not change its tactics for extra time and kept the same intensity in its play. And in an attack from the inside right, on 62′ Ramiro Arciga had the confidence to take a powerful right hand which curled into the visitor’s goal. The shot took the Argentine goalkeeper by surprise and the ball bounced before entering his goal.

El Tri looked much better in the game as he looked to match the action argentina He was careless and Arciga scored a double from the bottom in stoppage time to make it an impressive 3-0 lead. Mexico,

The score fell in the 92nd minute and the South Americans did not like the heavy score at all, as at the first opportunity one of their players pushed his Mexican counterpart and, immediately after, another teammate on the already lying body. Throwed a ball. This flared up tempers and a fight broke out which ended in pushing and insults between the two teams.

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