According to the Complutense University of Madrid, 6 psychological traits that the oldest people share

Becoming a centenarian isn’t just a matter of genetics or living a healthy lifestyle. Although both factors play an important role, there are certain Psychological aspects that favor reaching one hundred years of age with good health: something that indicates both good physical and mental condition.

Maria Dolores Merino RiveraThe Professor of Differential Psychology and Psychological Well-being and Occupational Health at the Complutense University of Madrid, together with his work team, has recently published a study that addresses six personality traits that are associated with better aging and reaching 100 years of age. Can contribute. To reach their conclusions, researchers worked with a group of 19 centenarians, 16 women and 3 men, aged between 100 and 107 years.

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6 psychological traits you need to develop to live to 100

1. Life

“The centenarians interviewed are firmly attached to lifeThey clearly want to survive. they transmit energy Through their perspectives and voices,” explains the study regarding the first psychological trait that researchers directly relate to longevity.

It is not about climbing mountains or practicing extreme sports. Doing Sudoku, sewing, attending reading groups… In short, and as the study points out, centenarians take advantage of “opportunities that arise to be active.”

2. Enjoy the conversation

The centenarians interviewed are social and enjoy close ties with your family, friends And caregivers. Plus, they’re all great conversationalists. Both qualities are not specific to this stage of his life, but rather a quality he has developed over the years.

Vitality, joy in conversation, commitment, control, intellectual stimulation and positivity, with added flexibility and intelligence.

3. commitment

In this case, commitment is understood as the psychological bond that is achieved with and involved in a certain task, as explained in a study conducted by researchers at the Complutense University, led by María Dolores Merino. , “Competence, Responsibility, Honesty and Perseverance”,

4. Control

The study specifies that this psychological trait shared by centenarians interviewed for its research refers to the fact that these people “he took control of his life And they directed it where they wanted to go.”

5. intellectual inspiration

This quality is directly related to the life force mentioned in the first point. Most elderly people show interest and curiosity in learning, and have even been self-taught at some point in their lives. Despite his age, he has not lost his passion for reading, doing crossword puzzles, Sudoku… which keeps his mind active and alert.

6. positivity And resilience

Despite going through very difficult times like civil war throughout their life, these people have been able to overcome them find opportunity in adversity, Undoubtedly, your positivity in facing life is deeply linked to this quality.


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