“We will carry cargo and passengers in a single flight with a capacity of 20 tons”

Even after this, the airline is continuing its preparations to open this route. civil Aviation Approve the application submitted by Emirates, To operate international air services on international routes to and from Colombia.

It was given approval to begin operations around June 3 and according to what was reported, The flights will be operated with Boeing 777-200LR and 777-300ER aircraft with a capacity to carry 354 passengers.

LR spoke to Scott Lantz, country manager for Mexico and in charge of the Colombian operation Emirates, Who said that they will not only transport passengers but will also carry up to 20 tons of cargo per aircraft.

How will the operation be?

Emirates It has been looking for the best opportunity to enter the market for years and now is the time for us. We are going to launch a daily flight from Dubai to Miami-Bogota with a very interesting schedule for passengers. We also have what is called the right to fifth freedom, so that passengers can travel only between Miami and Bogotá with this option. This route will not only be for the users, but will also give us the opportunity to transport passengers and cargo on a single flight with a capacity of 20 tons of different products.

What cargo products will they transport?

There are excellent opportunities for exports such as coffee, fruits and vegetables. However, flowers are the main market coming out of Bogotá. This, more than anything, will be for transportation to Dubai and the Middle East, to generate distribution there.

We started cargo aircraft operations a few years ago because the flower market is very lucrative. Perhaps, in the long term, Colombia will have the possibility to open only cargo flights primarily for the transportation of this natural product.

What is the importance of Colombia to the airline?

Colombia, specifically Bogotá, is going to be our fourth destination in South America. Today we operate in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires and we want to continue our expansion around the world and South America is an interesting place for us. There are two types of travelers in Colombia that we are looking for, which are cooperative accounts or companies who are traveling for business reasons and other users for tourism. Colombia is known throughout the world for great restaurants, music, culture and of course nature, with beautiful beaches desired by Emiratis.

What do you expect from these operations in Colombia?

We expect a lot of business between Bogotá and Miami, but there are also many tourists who want to visit Dubai for the first or fifth time. We are going to open some destinations that are a little complicated for Colombians to reach, such as India, Thailand and the Maldives, places that perhaps are not so easy to reach today, but that will become easier with the arrival of Emirates.

A traveler leaving Colombia might go to Miami for a three or four day stay, then fly to Dubai and spend a few nights enjoying activities in the city and then move on. All on one ticket till final destination in Bangkok, To make these stops, at no extra cost. This is something that we offer that is a little unique in the industry.

How did you manage your prices for Colombians?

We have options for all budgets, which sets us apart the world over. Talking about Bogota, the cheapest Bogota-Miami round trip fare is US$443 in tourist class, US$1,189 in business class and US$4,912 in first class. The fare between Miami-Bogota-Dubai is US$1,502, business is US$6,421 and first class is US$17,853.

How many aircraft will be available for this operation?

We will operate three Boeing models, the 777-200LR and 777-300ER, with a capacity to carry 354 passengers., It is quite a big aircraft for the market, but the good thing is that we will have three categories. Eight first class seats, 42 for business and 304 for tourist.

What will be the investments and expectations in this project?

We are setting up a team and we are going to invest in an office, which will have a tremendous investment in terms of aircraft. We are going to create alliances with national suppliers at El Dorado Airport, For all logistics required within the air terminal.

What is the most important operation in America?

Across the US, the main destination generating the most revenue for the company is New York with three daily flights. In South America it is Sao Paulo with daily flights, but Rio de Janeiro is also different.


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