Miami Marlins make decision with Yuri Perez for Opening Day

miami marlinsLike many teams, the 2024 pre-season was complicated regarding pitching. There is currently a spate of injuries big leagueEspecially among pitchers.

This Friday, March 22 miami marlins his match was scheduled spring training, However, against the game St. Louis Cardinals Most of Florida was suspended due to adverse weather.

He opening day This next one will happen on March 28. That’s why these days it is raining news regarding roster decisions. One of the sets that has attracted the most attention in recent times is miami marlins,

The Phillies had already been left without their starting pitcher for 2024. sandy alcantara He underwent a surgical procedure and will not participate in the entire campaign. Although he wishes to return in September, it does not seem possible.

Miami Marlins send Yuri Perez to the injured list

As if that wasn’t enough, one of its highlights, Yuri Perez, there were problems recently. On March 13, he left the game he was pitching due to some discomfort. After so many examinations, the club’s board made a decision regarding its status at the start of the campaign.

Actually, next week he will make some efforts to enter the game as a training. It depends on how you look miami marlins Will he be included in the roster or not?

Yuri Perez Debut in 2023 miami marlins, The Dominican, who turned 21 on April 15, appeared in 19 games, all as a starter. He had a 3.15 ERA in 91.1 innings. He won five, lost six and defeated 108 opponents.

hope to be together Jesus Luzardo A key part of the team’s starting rotation.

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