Miami Open 2024 | Unforgettable details with Naomi Osaka and a fan that impressed everyone

Naomi Osaka Presented this Wednesday, March 20 miami wta 1000 To show that she has returned to her level after becoming Shai’s mother and will defeat the Italian. Elisabetta Cocciaretto In his debut in the tournament.

Japanese woman claims her label favorite to pick miami open And even at the end of the game showed his great human qualities Staying close to his fans and leaving behind a touching scene with a young man with whom he had an unforgettable relationship.

Tennis Player, A faithful protector of mental health in athletesindicated sympathy to his followers, who waited until the end of the match and distributed autographs to anyone who requested it.

Naomi Osaka and her unforgettable meeting with a fan

There was a young man in the audience with a doll in his hand pointing towards Osaka and He could not control his emotional tears after finding his idol close. And upon noticing this, the Japanese woman took off her wristband and then signed it and gave it to him.

Osaka responded to the boy’s sentiment with an emotional hug And he kept signing autographs and having photos taken with the little kids in the stands before saying goodbye and continuing on his way.

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Ignacio Poggio

Naomi Osaka made an exception for that generally introverted personality Which he usually keeps under the headphones he uses in every game to calm the social anxiety he suffers from.

The seven-time Grand Slam winner will face the Ukrainian player in her next match. elina svitolinaIs at number 17 in the ranking of wta And whom he last faced in the Australian Open in 2019.

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