Michael B. Jordan reveals special Bournemouth logo

Actor Michael B. Jordan, best known for his roles in “Black Panther” and “Creed,” recently became a minority shareholder in Premier League club Bournemouth. The collaboration is not limited to just financial investment, as the actor will also be involved in the design of an exclusive jersey for the club, which will be the first in the team’s history.

Bournemouth’s visual revival

Jordan’s appearance with a sweatshirt bearing the future Bournemouth logo announces a change in visual identity for the club. The new logo, round in shape, is inspired by trends started by clubs such as Manchester City and reflects the club’s historical period in the 1970s and 1980s. The cherry, an emblematic element of Bournemouth and the club’s nickname, marks their return to the club logo, thus emphasizing respect for traditions while adopting a modern approach.

Some media are reporting a change in crest for the English club, while others believe it is just the use of a special collection.

a creative collaboration

Bournemouth boss Bill Foley has confirmed Jordan’s contribution to the design of a special jersey. This initiative, which will see the light of day ” Very soon “, which could result in the creation of a fourth jersey, either for the 2023–24 season or the following season. Umbro, the club’s official supplier since 2017, plays an important role in this collaboration.

Implications and expectations

This collaboration between Jordan and Bournemouth goes beyond a simple business partnership. It reflects the growing trend between sports, culture and entertainment, where celebrities from different fields bring their influence and unique perspective. “MBJ”‘s entry into the world of football is not limited to the spotlight on Bournemouth. It also symbolizes opening up the sport to new perspectives and a wider audience.

michael b jordan bournemouthmichael b jordan bournemouth

Michael B. with AFC Bournemouth Jordan’s addition represents a significant moment for the club, marking a visual renewal and an important step in its branding strategy. Club supporters, as well as football observers and others, are eagerly waiting to discover the fruits of this collaboration.

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