Microsoft’s new requirement for using Windows

Copilot is an artificial intelligence tool that Microsoft provides to its users.

Microsoft offers the possibility of using Copilot Pro for computers that have a Windows operating system, which allows you to activate various GTP chat functions. It is a paid subscription for individuals, creators, and power users that allows them to access Generative Artificial Intelligence, also known as Gen AI. However, the technology company has included a new requirement that may make its use difficult for those who have PCs with 8 GB of RAM.

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According to Microsoft’s report, users who will now pay for a Copilot Pro subscription must have a computer with 16 GB of RAM. It is also recommended for a better computer game experience. This is a requirement that will force those interested in this new program to obtain more memory for their devices, which today have a very high cost of converting to a PC.

It should be remembered that Random Access Memory (RAM) is the memory through which computers and other devices temporarily store all programs and their execution processes. Its main function is to store the information that is present in each application when the device is turned on. The larger the capacity, the faster the work will be done. If you do not have enough RAM, the device may become slow due to having too many programs open.

Therefore, with the new requirement imposed on Windows users to use CoPilot Pro, it is very likely that the program will be too heavy for computers that do not have at least 16 GB of RAM. This can cause your operating system to run very slowly.

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