Miguel Herrera and Ivan Alonso, close to colliding with each other

The Cruz Azul manager and the Xolos tactician came face to face at the end of the duel held in Mexico City

Mexico City — ivan alonsosports director blue CrossAnd miguel herreracoach tijuanathey had one outburst of anger In the locker room hallway of the Ciudad de los Deportes Stadium. Although the two confronted each other and complained about things, it did not escalate further due to interference from property security.

at the end of the conference ‘Piozo’ Herrera, ivan alonso Xolos came to complain to the strategist for some statements of the coach tijuana He said this in a podcast last December before the Apertura 2023 final.

“You have no memory, don’t disrespect me. You don’t know me,” were the cries of ivan alonso against him ‘Piozo’ Herrera In the hallway of the Ciudad de los Deportes stadium.

On the other end, ‘Piozo’ HerreraReiterated on several occasions that he had not disrespected her and even made repeated “let’s talk” comments ivan alonsowho invited them to go to the dressing room blue Crosswithout coach tijuana The director of La Maquina responded to the above proposal.

After the two characters were separated by security, Jorgealberto Hank, the owner of tijuanawho also participated orally outburst of anger Which exploded in the locker room area.

at the moment when ‘Piozo’ Herrera As he was walking towards the spectators’ locker room at the Ciudad de los Deportes stadium, a shout of “Shit little…, close the door…” was heard from football director Mathias Cardicio. blue Cross,

He ‘Piozo’ Herrera After the incident he left the property without making any statement, but ivan alonsoJoe walked off the field of play with Matthias Cardassio, saying simply: “It’s OK. I won’t let them disrespect me, my coach or anyone on the team.”

The incident lasted for about five minutes and both parties eventually separated, which was noticed by the FMF Commissioner and, according to sources, espnWill report it on the official party card so that the incident can be investigated by the disciplinary commission.

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