Miguel Herrera, dissatisfied with America due to Sub 23 call

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The former Águilas coach wanted to face the best Azulcrema team as possible.

El Piozo expects a complex match against the United States.
© Etzel EspinosaEl Piozo expects a complex match against the United States.

America Xolos de Tijuana will face The first day of the Clausura 2024, a meeting that means a lot for the institution, the fans, etc. Especially for Miguel Herrera, who was a key player in two titles (11 and 13) Of Aguilas, being the coach and shaping the power of the Azulcrema team on Cruz Azul, Well, they beat them in the finals both times.

However, they are rivals now, so Both sides want three points and want to start the tournament on the best noteHowever, last semester, the US team defeated the Border team by a score of 3–0 at Azteca Stadium, but Now it’s time to go to Caliente Stadium To measure ourselves against the people of Tijuana.

Before the meeting, drink things started getting heated in the meetingSince he was asked what he thought Andre Jardin had rested his starting players and preferred to face date 1 with the bench and part of the Under 23 team, however this was because the team He barely returned to training after lifting 14th.

Miguel Herrera, dissatisfied with Jardine’s decision to call up Sub 23

After finding out that Águilas would be calling up most of the under-23 players for the first round match against Xolos, Miguel seemed to disagree, as He assured that a Mexican coach would not be allowed to do the same while in charge of the U.S.So he sent a message to the coach and the Azulcrema board before the weekend.

Jam Media | Miguel wants to beat the United States for the first time as coach of the Xolos.

,Those are the decisions, I don’t think they will accept the Mexican coach, It’s their decision, this is his angerEven if they come in with their sub 18, sub 20 stats, we’ll go out to take the game. We will be serious and try to play an important game, because they are important players.There they say: ‘His statistics are not coming’, but his substitute players are very important and many teams We would like to have them as titles in clubsMiguel said in an interview for Fox Sports.

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How will the United States perform in its first match of Clausura 2024?

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Miguel Herrera has not been able to beat America from Tijuana

In this new phase against the border team, Mexican coach and two-time Liga MX champion with America, He has not been able to beat Águilas fairly in this second opportunity in command of XolosSo now he wants to reverse this situation and demonstrate that he has the ability to do so Stop the reigning champion.

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