Millie Bobby Brown hates watching movies!

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown has revealed that she doesn’t like going to the movies and has also explained why.

It’s rare for Millie Bobby Brown to be able to sit still for two hours or more to watch a movie. Actually, the star of Stranger Things has made a strange revelation. She wouldn’t like to go to the movies Because she used to sit for a long time.

scenes that disturb him

Undoubtedly a height for an actress. And yet it is true. Furthermore, the star of the Netflix series Enola Holmes has always proved that she knows how to speak out. And even though this may shock his fans.

We can take example from his revelations about the scenes that the Stranger Things star does not enjoy filming. Unfortunately, an actor has to deal with this and he must know that he will not always be able to do Shoot scenes he enjoys.

And it seems Millie Bobby Brown understands this. Besides, what comes to announce bad newsShe can sigh in the event that she did not enjoy the filming of Godzilla vs. Kong.

In fact, if you don’t know, the young actress should not come forward In casting for another project. In fact, if there were moments she was afraid to discuss on set, that won’t be the case anymore. And the young actress will be able to move forward.

However, the Stranger Things star Won’t take advantage of your free time to watch a movie or other. In fact, in an interview with The Sun, Millie Bobby Brown revealed that she couldn’t go to the cinema and she hated it.

A funny announcement, on which he had to justify himself. , I can’t sit and look at the screen as long as “, The first thing he tried to justify was the fact that he did not enjoy going to the cinema much.

Strange things: Millie Bobby Brown hates watching movies!Strange things: Millie Bobby Brown hates watching movies!
Strange things: Millie Bobby Brown hates watching movies!

The Netflix star is not a movie fan

“”I don’t watch movies. I am often told that I must watch a certain movie because it can change my life. And I just say to myself: ‘How long do I have to endure this?‘Because me and my brain don’t even like watching our own movies. ,

First let’s go to the actress who plays the role in the Netflix series Stranger Things Our partners from BFMTV, Before continuing and revealing that her partner is Jake Bongiovi “The world’s biggest film lover”,

Millie’s partner would like Bobby Brown “Watching movies all day, even though I can’t do it. It’s the only thing I can’t do.”, But why can’t she watch movies?

“I need to do something else (when I watch a movie). Either I eat too much because it makes me bored. Or I’m cooking, taking care of the dog, or on my computer.”, The Stranger Things star is revealed for the first time.

Before closing: , If I don’t do anything else, I can’t sit still And staring at the screen for so long. That doesn’t mean the film isn’t epic or cinematic or spectacular or doesn’t have great performances.”,