MININT acknowledges that there are criminal gangs in Santiago de Cuba that “enforce terrorism”.

The Ministry of the Interior (MININT), during a recent meeting with residents of the Abel Santamaría (El Salao) neighborhood in Santiago de Cuba, recognized the presence of criminal gangs dedicated to “implementing terrorism” among the residents.

Authorities sought a vote of confidence from those affected and issued a warning to the perpetrators.

“Know that you will be severely punished for what you have done. We learned about the different groups that exist and operate in these places. Know that we know who are the members of the groups that disrupt order and civil peace today and we are going to go after them“, a MININT official explained in a video broadcast on the network by journalist Yosmani Mayetta.

The official told neighbors about the existence of gangs carrying knives and intimidating citizens, “to let you know that the bodies of the Ministry of the Interior are fully available to deal with this type of incidents that occur. Can’t be.”

Facebook Capture/Elizabeth Ferrer

He specifically mentioned the case of young David Enrique Perdomo Álvarez, a 26-year-old lineman who was a member of one of the gangs. cut off his right handAccording to the MININT official, an incident for which there are already five detainees.

In the final segment of the speech, in disbelief of MININT’s promises, a woman said that last year her son had been attacked by two masked men at the door of his house, and deplored that the case had not been solved until now.

“No one came to my house to answer me”He said in a statement that the officer responded by indicating that he had no knowledge of the incident and would respond.

Despite the request for a vote of confidence by MININT, many Santiago residents on social networks are skeptical of the promise of seriousness towards criminals, and demand that it be true.

“They cannot come to a district where there is not just one gang, but several gangs, and promise to trust them, that criminal acts will end. When we know that will not happen, that everything will It will remain the same, and it will continue that way. They have not solved the cases that have occurred, how do they expect people to trust them. Don’t panic,” one of the statements collected by Yosmani Mayetta Cuban concluded.

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