MIR 2024 Exam Details You Must Pass

MIR 2024 candidates They are immersed in the challenge period and they still have to wait until they know what the final results of the exam they took on January 20 are. However, it is common first guess To know, almost, What is the serial number of each candidate?, Academies have applications that can give a preview of these results and there are some already in progress for the 2024 exam that shed light on Net which will be required to approve MIR Of this year.

C.T.O. Every year it launches its platform so that applicants can know which post they will get after giving the exam. on this occasion, jose antonio serranoThe director of the IT and systems department has advanced to the CTO medical writing It is estimated that the application today makes The cut-off mark to pass MIR 2024 will be around 38 NET,

This result of the group’s progress is very reminiscent of 2023, when the cut-off score in last year’s MIR was finally 25 percent of the average of 1,158 best examswhat were they 37.67 net Out of total 200 questions. However, the CTO says that this is an estimate and we will have to wait to see the final results.

Health has already recorded data on the number Participants, 84.99 percent out of 30,068 people Called to access one of 11,607 places on offer for specialist health training (FSE) in medicine, pharmacy, nursing and degrees in the fields of psychology, chemistry, biology and physics. 5 percent more places than last year (436 more locations).

In particular, in the degree of 91.24 percent of the people admitted showed medicine, The offer at this level stands at 8,772 places (an increase of 3 per cent). The largest offered specialty is family and community medicine, with 2,492 locations. 75.86 percent of the people admitted came in Nursing. At this stage, the offer amounts to 2,108 places, which is 7 percent more than the previous call. The nursing specialty with the largest offer of places is Family and Community Nursing with 891 places.

How does the assessment platform work?

This tool, developed by the CTO technology team, works with Algorithm that completes with each call, supported by data from recent years and the most extensive database of candidates, because the vast majority enter their templates here. This results in a platform that has a high accuracy rate. Additionally, from a user perspective, it is extremely accessible and intuitive to understand and use.

The process of estimating results and Found place after MIR 2024 test It is simple, intuitive and open, consisting of providing name, surname and email on the page, then entering the value of the academic scale, the version number of the exam and the answers given for each question and finally, entering the exam template.

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