MIR 2024 exam questions with challenging options

teaching team of Aamir MIR has already published its first evaluation after the exam, held this Saturday, which highlights “a little longer – from 30 pages last year to 32 this year – and with about 1,300 more words than in 2023”: “We recognize there will be many challenges, although we have two or three questions in mind that have potential,” he says.

Video analysis of MIR exam by AMIR Academy.

At a purely statistical level, AMIR also highlights that the distribution of subjects in the AMIR 2024 exam has been the same as in previous years, with some variations as is customary by the Ministry of Health. ,digestion Most Asked (23 Questions), cardiology regain strength and dermatology “It surprised us by increasing the number of questions by 10,” he says. For its part, statistics It continues like recent years with 8 questions with a more discretionary role.

“There has been a similar difficulty on the basis of examination ESTIMATEAMIR RESULTS The AMIR teaching team assesses, “We already have a significant representation and also because of teachers’ sentiments, there are very difficult questions and others very easy, so the potential for discrimination may be reduced.”

Innovative questions were worked on in preparation for MIR

After analyzing each block into which the test is divided, the professionals highlight that “new and expected questions have emerged such as Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PreP’s) hiv Or Palivizumab as a preventive strategy for severe RSV in populations of children at risk”, concepts which have been “worked upon in the classroom, practice, and manuals”.

In this sense, and about some medical specialties dermatology“A question came up about dupilumab (a treatment for severe atopic dermatitis), which AMIR students had worked on in a previous simulation, so we are very pleased.”

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