MIR 2024 with deadline for your final answers

MIR 2024 candidates Their secret still remains When will they know the definitive answer? To continue your testing “MIR Roadmap” And get even closer to the moment of receiving your final results and starting to choose your residence. However, at the moment The Ministry of Health remains “hermetic” And, despite the fact that it published the provisional answers in “record” time, just two days after the exam, it has only put forward one answer. Deadline at which they will announce the final team Of answers.

Guided by the sources of the organization Monica Garcia have confessed medical writing that this answer They will arrive “by deadline” on February 20th., This data corresponds to exactly one month after the celebration of the MIR, EIR exercise and the rest of the Specific Health Training Tests (FSE), but taking into account the “urgency” with which the Ministry brought to light the provisional answers, only After taking out booklets of questions and images a day later, it is possible that after overcoming the challenges proposed by the applicants, the final valid answers will come very quickly. Moreover, this is also the date when Health has to release the provisional results.

As stated in the resolution of the Ministry of Health collected in the Official State Gazette (BOE) General Directorate of Professional OrganizationFollowing the publication of the provisional responses, a period of three business days was opened for them to submit claims. Now Qualification commissions analyze responses Test for doctors, and where appropriate, they will consider or reject said claims by canceling questions or substituting answers as they deem necessary.

Once the correct answers have been confirmed, the exercises will be assessed, and where appropriate Educational Qualification of Applicants, This will happen in the next month of MIR exam celebration when provisional relationship Of the results obtained…

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