More spy photos of the new pickup coming to take on Ford and Toyota

A Korean brand is testing its future mid-size pickup truck that will be introduced in the global market, with Australia being the first brand to buy it. We tell you what has been known so far.


A pick new Mid-size trucks will come to the market to compete fully with the generalist brands that dominate the segment, that is, the medium ones where exponents participate. Like Ford Ranger, Chevrolet Colorado (S10) and Toyota Tacoma (Hilux).

Late last year we told you the name and some designs that are not too far from the basic line of this pickup truck. Kia will be called Tasman And it is already registered by the Korean firm in some markets, with the Australian being the first company to get it.

Now, the Korean manufacturer began to test its future pickup in the field with tests in the city, highway, dirt and now it was the turn of the snow, a place where the traction system and its abilities to withstand the strong surface were put Has gone for testing. More difficult.

Kia Tasman, the new midsize pickup with Korean accents

Photos published by site motor authority And they show that the Kia Tasman will be a true workhorse with a standard double cab configuration and a decent box size compared to average in the mid-size pickup segment.


TM Digital MagazineTM Digital Magazine

In these you can see the rear suspension, which maintains Leaf spring scheme instead of an independent multilink type (Multi-Link like Nissan Frontier or Navara) or like most of its successful SUVs, which is the most intelligent solution for transportation of heavy loads.

And since we have capabilities, rumors point to this Payload of approximately 2,200 pounds (1,000 kg) and a capacity Maximum towing near 8,000 pounds (3,500 kg), Which is like competition.

This platform is expected to be a body-on-frame design which will probably be related to the latest Mohave SUV. six lug tires The car seen in the spy photos also suggests greater ruggedness and off-road capability than a typical model from the Korean brand. Then it remains to be seen whether it will be launched with this drawing.


At the mechanical level, there was talk of an engine in principle V6 3.0 CRDi turbodiesel with 253 hp and 560 Nm of torque. This block is the same one used by Mohave and will be mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission. Furthermore, it is anticipated that Tasman will reach traction 4×2 and 4×4 And it has been speculated that this may happen hybrid version,

However, and without any confirmation, it is expected to be the only powertrain offered in Australia, at least at launch. 2.2 Turbodiesel liter which is currently offered in many Kia models and has a good reputation.

This is the impellor one 4 Cylinders that produce an average of about 200 hp. It will likely be offered in a future pickup with a choice between an automatic or manual transmission, although it is expected that this platform will feature an electric propulsion system at some point.

The official debut of this pickup is scheduled With an eye on the end of this year, beginning in 2025, And is unlikely to be sold in the United States. At the same time, Kia will launch and upgrade an electric truck before 2027 Santa CruzThe Hyundai truck that rivals the Ford Maverick.

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