Most Asked Topics in MIR 2024 Exam: Queen’s Cardiology

a day after the celebration of mir 2024 examThe analysis of all versions of the test published this Sunday morning by the Health Ministry is ongoing. CTO AcademyBeyond his study of the level of difficulty of the test, he has also used his scalpel at the statistical level, and the work draws various conclusions: First of all, it 2024 cardiology It has regained its prominence after several years of progressive decline. In 2023, in fact, it appeared in 10 questions. However, this is still a far cry from the 19 times it appeared in 2022.

Details of most asked topics in MIR 2024 exam.

Second most frequently asked topic in MIR 2024 exam questions general SurgeryWith 14, compared to nine in 2023. gynecologyWhich was among those repeated nine times in the 2023 test, has this year reached third place among the topics asked about the most, specifically 12 times.

Endocrinology, infectious diseases and neurology lose strength

Endocrinology and Infectious DiseasesWhich became the most present discipline in MIR 2023 with 14 questions, with nine mentions in both cases, having lost a lot of strength compared to a year ago.

for its part, neurologyThe second most repeated topic in 2023, has dropped two places in prominence this year, from twelve to eleven mentions. Although its presence has decreased slightly from one year to the next, a progressive decline in its presence has been confirmed: we must not forget that in 2022 there were 21 questions on this topic.

As far as other subjects are concerned, traumatologyEven with eleven mentions, followed with ten, Psychiatry, Pulmonology and Dermatology, Nephrology Endocrinology and infectious diseases complete the group of topics with nine mentions.

Disciplines with low attendance in MIR exam

The list of most repeated topics in MIR exam continues Statistics and Epidemiology, ENT, Pediatrics and Rheumatology With eight questions in each case; Bioethics, Digestion, Geriatrics and Hematologywith six; immunologywith five; Anesthesia, Ophthalmology and Urology, with three; And Family and Community, Genetics, Oncology and Emergencieswith two.

At the low end of the scale, Pathological Anatomy, Anatomy, Biochemistry, Radiology and Pharmacology They have been the disciplines with the least prominence: each of them appeared in only one question.

Medium-high difficulty of the MIR 2024 exam

Academic Director of CTO, Fernando de TeresaBelieves that the difficulty of the MIR exam has been medium-high, even “somewhat more difficult”, according to first impressions, than the test for the 2023 call.

De Teresa notes small changes in the structure of the specifications questions: “The main difference is that medical special blockSuch as neurology, cardiology, pulmonology, nephrology, traumatology or rheumatology, are somewhat more comprehensive than in 2023”, he assessed.

In contrast, according to the teacher, the blocks that come at the end of the exam have been reduced in length, such as geriatrics and bioethics, “although three reserved questions have been included in the latter.” Additionally, call in this MIR, “they have consolidated the blocks of cardiovascular risk factors and primary care and emergencies.”

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