Mourinho on Messi: “He is born with everything and knows everything, he will probably teach you a lot of things”

In-spite of this for many years jose mourinho And Lionel Messi was the protagonist of the rivalry period of one of those confrontations between Barcelona and Real Madrid, The Portuguese tactician considers the Argentinian star a special and excellent footballer whom he would have liked to have.

In an interview with YouTube channel Om, Now the former Roma coach has admitted that one of the footballers he would love to train is Lionel Messi himself. Thus a tribute was paid to the world champion with Argentina and captain of Inter Miami in MLS.

Mourinho described Messi as a player who does not need to be coached or directed, but it would be nice if he wanted to.Because with the experience, knowledge and way the Argentine sees the game, it was likely that any coach would learn more from Messi than the other way around.

‘A footballer who will teach you things’, this is how Maui describes Messi

,A footballer I would love to train? An example would be Messi. It would be absurd to think that he does not need to be trained. He knows everything and is born with everything. Maybe he can teach you things. Let it just be said that I was honored to have him in the team.Mau told while talking to Om.

Throughout his career, Messi has had great coaches, with whom Argentina has always shown its best version, perhaps with Pep Guardiola and at the current stage Argentina is under Lionel Scaloni. In which he has shown his best football thanks to the comfort and facilities provided to him by the technicians.

Messi and Mourinho together in the future?

Although it looks complicated, everything indicates that the paths of Messi and Mourinho will not cross on the fieldAs the Argentine is currently enjoying his time at Inter Miami, the Portuguese tactician is off the bench following his departure from Roma.

However, The future is unpredictable and perhaps in the future the two will find themselves in completely different aspects, because perhaps after his retirement, Messi wishes to follow in Beckham’s footsteps, while Mourinho has previously openly expressed that he would like to play in the United States. would like to work, Which can pave the way for the union of both.

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