MSMEs import more expensive vehicles from America.

In contrast to the economic crisis plaguing Cuba, the island’s streets are demonstrating new luxury cars Which make their way through urban infrastructure, after being imported by micro, small and medium-sized businesses (MSMEs) from the United States.

between car brand The most commonly seen cars in Cuban cities are Mercedes-Benz, GMC, Range Rover, BMW, Toyota, Kia and even the occasional flirty Mini Cooper.

In 2023, the price of different types of cars approximately 10 million dollarsAccording to data from the US-Cuba Economic and Trade Council (USCTEC).

The questions that these cars generate when passing through the streets of Cuba resonate among citizens: Who are the rich people who can import these cars? What is the source of such prosperity?

The appearance of these cars has caused a flood of comments among the population. Many people wonder whether it is “Blocked?” And they assure that the dictatorship is not telling the truth about the United States economic embargo.

It is beyond comprehension for most Cubans that there are private entrepreneur Those on the island have the resources to buy cars, while other people don’t even have enough to eat.

There are people who claim to be their owners luxury cars in cuba They may simply be the “government goats” and others no doubt that some MSME owners will soon face seizure from the regime.

Meanwhile, in everyday life, Cuban workers struggle transportation difficultiesFood shortages and power cuts, which are becoming more and more noticeable.

In 2023, the Cuban government announced regulations for the sale and import of vehicles, in an effort to ease the transportation crisis. Later, a group of miami businessman With authorization from the US Treasury Department, he started a business importing cars for self-employed people in Cuba.

It is important to highlight that Cuban government has it for saleFor individuals and MSMEs, there are a lot of used cars that are sold at high prices, thousands of dollars.

An old gasoline Toyota with paint problems on the body can cost $30,000 for individuals and $13,000 for someone who wants to buy it through MSME.

modern and expensive cars Attention is being paid to them in the country. Unresolved questions remain among the population, such as: Who are the new rich people in Cuba who can afford to import these cars? Where does so much money come from?

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