What produces the constant pursuit of happiness?

For psychology, being happy doesn’t mean living in a personal bubble.Getty.

  • In search of happiness, we enter upon paths that lead us to our final destination; But, paradoxically, many people keep us from it

  • Ana Morales, psychologist: “A journal is peace, where it seems nothing matters; but let’s not be fooled: connecting with others is what enriches our lives”

  • “By distorting everyday life we ​​are taking away the strength to face life on our own”

A rock legend says a reporter once asked him angus youngleader of AC DC, is how I would describe being on tour constantly. Angus replied that it was “A terrible highway to hell”, literally “a terrible highway leading to hell.” Even a wild musician like Young knew that lack of rest, overexertion, and being away from the people we love source of suffering,

avoid pain This is probably the goal of all human beings. Once defeated the next objective is achieve happiness, and in that search we try all kinds of ways to reach our destination quickly. The paradoxical thing is that path to happiness, Being busy every day cannot lead us to happiness, quite the opposite. psychologist ana morales explain what they are false highway to heaven,

Excessive Self-Care: Too Much ‘I’

Be mindful of self-care. It is important to pay attention to ourselves, but if we make ourselves a priority and we forget the environment, What may be safe for one may be harmful for another. “Self-care should be understood as perfect balance Between being good to yourself and not losing your way. we live in community, We can get caught in the trap of thinking that is coming inside us personal wellness bubble We need to look our best, but things change when self-care becomes more visible act of isolation rather than treatment, The point is to find that balance, because self-care does not mean ignoring the world and the people who are next to us. It’s not about choosing yourself at the expense of others, but about finding that balance everybody wins“Psychologists explain.

The irony is that self-care is important for the community. “We can’t help anyone If we are tired or we have lost ourselves On the path of taking too much care of myself and forgetting about others. It’s like preparing for a marathon. We train, we eat well, and we rest as needed, but on race day, we share the track with thousands of people, each with their own story, efforts, and goals. That’s the true magic of self-care: preparing yourself to run your best race without forgetting that we are part of something much bigger, Self-care understood correctly isn’t selfish, it’s not just about being smart about how and when to recharge in order to live your life to the fullest. enrich life Of the people around us,” Morales summarized.

Carpe diem does not exclude empathy or consideration for others.

carpe diem misunderstood

In mindfulness we are told that Well being is living in the present, Some people associate it with ‘Carpe Diem’, living in the present, However, as Ana Morales points out, there is a substantial difference: “A ‘carpe diem’ invitation to enjoy the day to the fullest can sometimes be misinterpreted as a blank cheque.” Dive into the ocean of momentary happiness, forgetting everything else. But that’s not exactly what living in the present means. ‘Carpe Diem’ goes far beyond the unbridled pursuit of pleasure; It is a call to enjoy the present and appreciate the richness of each moment awareness and full attention,

As psychologists explain, living in the present is not exclusionary moment of pain or call to action In adverse circumstances. “Although many people do not believe in this philosophy It does not encourage us to run away from our responsibilities Nor run away from challenges. It is about being present in both good and bad times, accepting and living every moment of your existence. ‘Carpe Diem’ is not ruled out empathy Nor consideration of others. Living in the present means appreciating every moment without losing sight of the consequences of your actions and the importance of maintaining positive relationships with others,” says the expert.

Calmness or emotional insensitivity?

peace is a valuable resource keep mental peace, But, as I have recently indicated Daniel Goleman, If we become emotionally insensitive to the point of being in a state of detachment, it becomes something negative. “We can think of peace as the inner peace that we all want, but there is a fine line between Find peace and shut yourself off from the world, It’s not that, in search of that peace, we shut down what we feel or stop connecting with others. On the contrary, true peace prepares us to live a little of everything, both good moments and not so good ones, without losing the spark that makes us human,” says the psychologist.

“Peace is often confused with don’t worry about anythingbut it’s really about keep our center of balance Even outside it seems as if a world war has broken out. It is about being that person who, even in those circumstances, remains calm, able to lend support or a helping hand when needed. there is one magazine peace, where it seems like nothing matters. But let’s not be fooled: Connect with others, empathize, feel, this is what enriches our lives, In fact, peace makes us strong and resilient to face our own and others’ storms, not to ignore them,” argues this expert.

Focusing on the mantra of ‘I expect nothing’ may seem like a surefire shield against disillusionment, but it will have consequences in the long term.

Having no expectations: can you live without illusions?

Some ideologies emphasize that no attachment Seen as having low expectations about things or people. the final conclusion is this If we don’t expect anything, nothing can disappoint us., But can you live without illusions? “The suggestion of ‘expecting nothing’ as a defense strategy to avoid disappointment may sound good; however, it deprives us of the exciting part of life. Of course, we must be realistic and not make such films. Wants that only end in disappointment, but live without achieving anything. It doesn’t feel good to be excited about anything. beautiful gray existence” explains Ana Morales.

For the psychologist, “absorbing completely into the mantra of ‘I expect nothing’ may seem, a priori, a perfect shield against disillusionment, but it has side effects in the long run. This leads to a There is a lack of enthusiasm, inspiration and joy in life, Life is nourished by small and large illusions that inspire us to look forward with enthusiasm.” The expert warns at the same time that what she thinks “Blind Optimism”: “It’s not about falling into it, but instead of protecting yourself with “I don’t expect anything”, it’s important to learn to manage your expectations to avoid disappointment, to learn to dream with your feet on the ground. This approach of balance between waiting with hope and maintaining a realistic vision allows us live fullyEnjoying the joys of each day without disappointments they lead us astray,

run slowly to live

This is the greatest paradox of our times: moving forward at full speed live slowly, “Nowadays everything is urgentFor tomorrow, which means that, sometimes, we find ourselves immersed in some strange races: we accelerate To be able to step on the brakes, We keep running from one task to another with the illusion that, at the end of the day, there will only be ‘me time’ for the things we really enjoy. But eventually this thing is going to turn around hamster wheel, where the search for peace becomes the source of our own uneasiness” explains Ana Morales.

We believe that this restlessness will end when we get our own privacy space, but the reality is we are very tired To enjoy it. “The desire to squeeze out every minute to have free time becomes a boomerang that always returns us to the starting point. The key is not to run faster, but to understand that true peace comes from balance, from knowing that When it’s time to work Take action and when it’s right, stop and breathe. The challenge is to break the cycle of doing everything quickly and tiredly. To do this it is important to adopt Critical attitude towards unattainable ideals of perfection And start building a lifestyle that really puts well-being and balance at the center, consciously slowing down, respecting our own limits and needs,” the psychologist emphasizes.

distort everything

Difficulties are inherent in life. But in recent years its trend is increasing become poisonous problems that can be solved Goodwill, peace and common sense, The perversion of everything has kind of hit home knock-on effect In the pursuit of happiness, collateral damage can occur that diminishes our capacity for agency and leaves us vulnerable.

Ana Morales thinks so: “It seems like we need it these days Label each emotional outburst Or each response views the adverse situation as a serious problem. However, this tendency to distort everyday life is taking away the strength from us to face life From God. Recognizing uncomfortable emotions as natural adaptation mechanisms to adverse situations is important to understand that not all experiences do restlessness, anxiety or sadness A diagnostic label or therapeutic intervention is required. Sadness occurs during times of anxiety or grief due to the uncertainty of a pandemic. normal human reactions Which is not necessarily a sign of any mental disorder. But every time we call any unpleasant emotion a disorder, We lose a little of our potential To deal with it, taking us away from our ability to cope with life.

For the psychologist, the need to label all emotions and classify them as something negative is a reflection of an overly demanding world: “It may be a reflection of how society constantly pushes us towards perfection. However, to face and overcome adversity This is exactly what allows us Grow, The need for psychological support should not be ignored when appropriate, but it should also not light Bringer Our ability to handle difficult situations. It is about finding a middle point where we can understand when it is necessary to seek external help, without forgetting face challenges This is also part of our development.”

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