MUFEs and the transformation of the medical unit 2024: public or private?

The month of January is the only annual period in which holders and beneficiaries of general reciprocity of civil servants of the State (Muface) can request Change of health care unit. Nearly 27,000 petitions were submitted last year and it is clear that even more 70 percent Selects this group insurer option, What motivates consenters to choose public or private health care? medical writing Talk to several mutualists to get their opinions. The most frequent topics are waiting lists and access to medical services

Ana Garcia is high school teacher Opts for Mufes’s public option for more stability in the community of Madrid: “Choosing the private option that works for me does not seem coherent public area“, he explains. This is not his only reason, as he comments that in this health care system “you will always have more coverage Of resources and services. “If you’re in a lost city, find a clinic to treat you…” he hedges.

Beatriz EscamillaA colleague by profession, but in primary school, also chooses this option because of the question of access: “When I’m in the city, the only thing I need is social security. They can help you (if you go by the private option) ), but they have to play specific roles,” he says.

Paula Martínez: “I chose public health care. The waiting list is long, but they prioritize what is needed and that gives me peace of mind”

On the other hand, this raises another debate: what happens when one urgency, He knows of a case nearby in which an ambulance was called after he fainted and was taken to a public hospital. However, the man was enrolled in private insurance and had to step in because the center, being public, wanted to pay him. Plus, they have another option: “What I did was if something happened to me I went to Social Security I paid for private insurance On my own,” he says.

This is the same thing that lasts paula martinez: “I have chosen public health service. It is true that the wait is too long For some matters, but they give priority to urgent matters; Personally, this gives me peace of mind. And for small things I pay for private insurance,” he says.

Select Organize option in Muface

On the other side of the coin are two other teachers: one in early childhood education and the other in secondary education. The first of them, elena dukeexplains that she chose a private insurer for Mufaese’s health care because it gives her more freedom when it comes to Select Medical Schedule And there’s not much to it waiting list. But he qualifies: If he suffers from a chronic illness or something “really serious,” such as cancer, he believes it would be more convenient to switch to Social Security.

Lucia Fernandez also “let herself be guided by”to gather“, like his partner García, and from the beginning he chose the public option. However, after several years, he had a bad experience in this system due to taking a test for which he was not sequestered. It was then , When decided to change the health unit and began receiving assistance from one of the three insurers that made up the Mufes Healthcare Agreement: Asisa, DKV or Segurcaxa Adeslas. Now he is considering returning to the public, but has not decided yet.

Mufes, under the control of Escrivá

MUFES has recently suffered a change in the ministry: it has become part of the digital transformation led by José Luis Escrivá and has been transferred to the public service, instead of belonging to the Treasury. One of the pending tasks of the Minister is to complete the full implementation of the agreed electronic prescription.

muface swap

Last February, a number of requests emerged for a general transformation of the health unit in Mufes in 2023. In total, 26,818 requests were submitted, a figure which shows Shortage of about 3,000 changes Compared to January 2022.

After the exchange it became known segurcaxa adeslas 34 percent brings together mutual members; Asisa at 25 percent and DKV At 13.5. Thus the group allotted for insurance is more than 70 percent.

In total, 405,880 mutual members opt for the National Institute of Social Security (NSSI).INSS, While 1,081,052 people like private institutionsAs per the latest data presented by the Mutual Society.

Although it may include statements, data, or notes from health institutions or professionals, the information contained in medical writing is edited and prepared by journalists. We advise the reader to consult a health care professional with any health related questions.

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