music. Why did Beyonce embrace country again on her new album?

after renaissance And with her take on dance, Beyoncé takes over the country. The global star unveiled his new album on Friday, cowboy carterwhich pays a powerful tribute to this essential musical genre IUnited States of america.

return to its origins

The second part of a musical trilogy, the 27-track album pays a powerful tribute to black country culture, with an emphasis on dance, soul and hip-hop. With this new work, the 42-year-old Houston-born singer nods to her Texan roots and dusts off country music’s image as reserved for white, male and conservative artists.

Because Beyoncé Carter, her married name, takes great pleasure in breaking traditions. Thus she plays the hip-hop and house card on the title sweet honey bukin’remembering the album renaissanceA disdain even for purists who celebrate African-American influence in electro.

“The criticism that was targeted at me when I stepped into (country music) forced me to push beyond my limits,” the icon of the African-feminist struggle recently wrote on Instagram. This new album is “the result of the challenges I set for myself and the time it took to bend and mix styles for this work”.

From Miley Cyrus to Willie Nelson

Throughout the album, with songs like celebration, freedom, letting go, the artist addresses motherhood, sex, love. All feature a cocktail of young stars like Miley Cyrus, Post Malone and Tanner Adele, but also icons of older stalwarts.

Thus, among other things, it embraces the classic Jolene full country star dolly parton and blackbirdThe Beatles’ song is about nine black teenagers who became icons of the Civil Rights Movement by integrating a high school reserved for white students in the South. IUnited States of america. Country legend Willie Nelson is also in attendance.

Beyoncé, aka “Queen B”, is known worldwide for songs such as Crazy in Love Or beautiful LiarLike its title, blends genres and history Yes, yesA wild mix of soul and psychedelic dance that manages to cover both These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ By Nancy Sinatra and the Beach Boys.

overcame criticism

According to critics, a tour de force. “It’s somewhat as if Beyoncé is reliving some of the phases and evolutions that country music has gone through, and redefining its boundaries. , As music always has done,” says American Expert magazine. “With this wildly entertaining project, she becomes a crusader for women’s and black pride and the darling of radio,” writes Diversity,

The first sign of potential commercial success, Spotify announced on Friday evening cowboy carter It was already the album that received the most streams in a single day this year. album renaissance It had already climbed to number one on the Billboard charts upon its release in 2022.

Recognition was also received from the White House on Friday. Vice President Kamala Harris wrote, “Beyoncé, thank you for reminding us to never care what others think about you.” “You redefined a genre and reclaimed the black roots of country music. Your music will continue to inspire us all. ,

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