Natalie Portman makes a new resolution for the rest of her career –

From Star Wars to Black Swan, V for Vendetta and Two Sisters for a King, Natalie Portman has never been afraid to push and push her boundaries.

During her appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show, the makeover queen revealed a line she would never cross for a role again.

Goodbye On-Screen Nudity

Guest on the set of a talk show drew barrymore, Natalie Portman She was asked about the line that she would no longer cross on screen. ” IUh…show my breasts? this is really so stupid , ,” replied the 42-year-old actress, before adding “ I always say to myself, ‘I don’t want my kids to look at pictures online “. A wise decision which the host fully accepted.

New cinematographic horizons to explore

After turning the page of nudity, Natalie Portman Embarked on new horizons for his film career: drama, light comedy etc. According to the mother of Aleph (12 years old) and Amalia (6 years old), her dream is to play a character in a children’s film like Mrs. Doubtfire, which she loves.

Most recently, the talented actress starred in May December, a drama based on the Marie Letourneau affair. She plays an actress who has a scandalous romance with a 13-year-old boy whom she marries and starts a family with.

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