Nearly 3,000 visitors are expected to visit the Museum of Medicine in 2023

The Museum of the History of Medicine and Health of Extremadura de Zafra received approximately 3,000 visitors in 2023. The museum’s director, Maite Calderón, has given a positive assessment of the past year, as the figures are in line with 2022, when the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic began.

It should be taken into account, the director explained, that the museum remained closed last year for improvement works, “which were very necessary,” he explained, such as the replacement of all windows, exterior and interior painting, cleaning among other works. With cover and general description of the entire museum, including the instruments and pieces in each display case.

The director highlights that there has been a significant increase in foreign visitors, almost doubling compared to 2022, when there were 171, some of whom, as Calderón says, “are clearly in Zafra to visit the museum. “This has been the case with two groups of North American medical students, among other examples.”

Maite Calderon. museum director


However, most visits go to national tourism: «It is the only museum of medicine that exists in Extremadura and one of four in Spain. People continue to be surprised and come away with interest and curiosity,” says Maite.

An important part of the total number of visitors are visits to schools and institutions, which this year had 300 students of different ages and different populations. A very important fact that arises from the permanent cooperation between the museum and teachers in the education of students.

According to the Director, another aspect that has contributed to achieving these figures is the positive impact of the various media, which make it possible to become increasingly better known inside and outside the sector, without forgetting the museum’s contexts. Self Visitors and their recommendations.

On the other hand, an important fact is that the Social and Cultural Association of Friends of the Museum of the History of Medicine and Health of Extremadura has been founded, which is “a non-profit, free and open association for all those who are part of Want to be.” , It will be presented soon,” estimates the director.

The museum has hosted various exhibitions and organized many activities, in addition to permanent and temporary exhibitions. Talks, conferences and theatrical tours have been organized, among which Maite Calderón, among others, has highlighted the piece of the month; Temporary exhibition ‘The medicine that our grandparents studied’, in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Extremadura and in celebration of its 50th anniversary; Documentary on ‘Pharmacy in the New World’, made by the Pharmacy Faculty of Seville, with which they closely collaborate, and which originated from a theatrical tour carried out in the Museum by local theater groups, directed by coordinator José María Romero. Museum volunteer guides; And the celebration of the Third Conference of the Museum of the History of Medicine, with the participation of the University of Extremadura and a tribute to Dr. Diego Peral Pacheco: «Museums should be a meeting point for these activities, they are institutions that cultures are not merely exposed. Do,” he insists.

Regarding donations the museum has received, “This year has been very productive,” says Calderón, having received many old books and documents from Extremadura and other Spanish provinces, as well as medical materials from different periods and specialties.

Among the projects for 2024, the Director has announced that the provision of museum signage and informational materials such as posters and diptychs is underway. In order to improve various aspects of the Museum, especially the acquisition of educational materials for school visits (to meet Health and Disease), the 2024 participation of the Provincial Council of Badajoz in the educational and informational proposal with participation in the provincial budget Room with growth anatomy materials, skeletons, nutrition pyramids, etc.). In addition to new temporary exhibitions, conferences and theatrical tours during the International Museum Day and the IV Open Day held in November, the FEDICOM Foundation of Badajoz is recording a documentary about the life of the famous artist. Psychiatrist Sigmun Freud, some of whose scenes will be recorded in the museum itself. Finally, we will focus on promoting volunteerism through training workshops.

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