Nelson Cruz signs with Seattle Mariners

One of the most distinguished gardeners in recent Dominican history mlb Yes, there is no doubt about it, nelson cruz, We are talking about a man who has great qualities as a baseball player, especially with the wood. Cruz’s specialty was also the zero hour reply, and this was demonstrated by his mvp American League Conference Series (2011).

At the age of 43, nelson cruz He has done it all in baseball and has had a successful career with seven All-Star inclusions and four Silver Sluggers. Additionally, he was among the top 10 vote getters for the MVP award on five occasions.

Although Cruz is remembered by the uniform of Texas Rangers For his eight seasons there, in teams like baltimore orioles, minnesota twins And seattle mariners He experienced his fair share of successes. In fact this last franchise decided to sign the famous player in 2024.

Nelson Cruz signs emotional contract with Seattle Mariners

he arrived opening day And with this the expectations of many players, teams and fans were fulfilled. Others, for their part, say goodbye to many years of sacrifice, great and difficult moments. Some books open at the same time and some close at the same time.

Additionally, the Dominican starred in the protocol ceremony of the first pitch of the clash along with Seattle Mariners game and sports legend Félix Hernández. There they both had a nice moment, because first Nelson Cruz missed the shot and then, when he got it right, it was Felix who did not capture it. They both laughed and the audience enjoyed both these characters.

Nelson Cruz played for the Seattle Mariners for four seasons (2015–2018), three of which all Star and in two silver slugger, There he posted a batting line of .284/.362/.546 (AVE/OBP/SLG) with 163 home runs and 414 RBI.

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