Netflix’s One Day series almost had another ending

the end ofone dayThe Netflix series is faithful to the book. But the listener hesitated for a long time. Regarding the final scene, two sequences were filmed, but only one was kept.

After the film with Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess, there is a new adaptation of David Nicholls’s famous book: the series one day Is on Netflix from February 8, 2024. Apart from reaching the top 10 on the platform, it is a significant success.

The series’ strengths lie in its excellent adaptation of the darkest themes of Dee Nicholls’s novels… right up to the same poignant ending. The latter was almost different in many ways. Spoiler alert: We recommend you watch the entire series before continuing.

A line of text was cut for the final scene

David Nicholls’s novel also troubled many readers with its tragic ending: Emma died. This final uppercut was featured in the Netflix series. Showrunner, Nicole Taylor, told The Wrap that it was not such an easy decision as she was very attached to the character. , I didn’t want to do this to her because I love her and the public also doesn’t want this. Everyone who has read the book remembers how they felt when that happened. We want to throw the book out the window. ,

But Nicole Taylor soon realized that adding a happy ending risked distorting the work. , I thought about other endings, but, this ending is fundamentally integrated into the entire work. The story has its own thematic integrity, its own structural integrity. I think the overall meaning of the work demands it, and I think any changes to the ending would be unnecessary and would detract from the overall impact of the work. (…)” she explains, adding that she still believes that she ” it’s good to think about it ,

Episode 14 specifically serves as an epilogue to Emma’s disappearance in Dexter’s life. Nicole Taylor says she ” a lot of time »To think about this episode. So much so that, in doubt, the two final scenes were filmed. In what we were able to watch on Netflix, Dexter is quietly set to descend on the hill of Arthur’s Seat – where he meets his daughter Jasmine.

“You were the whole story”

In the second version, filmed by the series team, Dexter recalls the moment they spent together in this location – in episode 1. He then looks towards the hill and declares: “You were the whole story” (“You were the whole story”), in response to what Emma said to him during the episode: “I was just a footnote in the story of your life. Nahi banna chahti” (“I don’t want to be a footnote in the story of your life”).

Dexter and his daughter Jasmine.  // Source: NetflixDexter and his daughter Jasmine.  // Source: Netflix
Dexter and his daughter Jasmine. // Source: Netflix

Therefore this punishment was ultimately not kept. But sometimes silences are more powerful. Dexter’s translator, Leo Woodall, is in any case very satisfied with this ending: ” Fortunately, his relationship with his daughter is very good at the moment. We know he will still be sad and miss her (Emma), but he has somehow come out of the difficult phase. He has taken control of his life and will move forward as best he can. ,

One day series.  // Source: NetflixOne day series.  // Source: Netflix

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One Day // Source: NetflixOne Day // Source: Netflix

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