Netflix’s Unbelievable is a perfect companion to the American nightmare

Here’s everything you need to know about Netflix’s first investigation of a crime that was unbelievable but really was real.

Why should you watch Unbelievable?

Incredible One of the most aptly named TV shows ever. It’s all about people’s inability to believe sex crime stories that deviate even slightly from their expectations… as we saw American Nightmare,

The eight-episode limited series highlights the story of Mary Adler (Kaitlin Dever), a former foster care child in Washington who experiences a home invasion and rape and attempts to report the crime to the police. Due to Adler’s troubled past, poor police training, lack of immediately observable evidence, and a plethora of biases, the investigating detectives do not believe Mary. By threatening false reporting charges, they pressure Mary to retract her story.

Later, two Colorado detectives Grace Rasmussen (Toni Collette) and Karen Duvall (Merritt Weaver) investigate a sexual assault case in their jurisdiction that has striking similarities to Mary’s experience. Both stories eventually become interconnected.

Incredible This is an exciting and challenging time. The first episode plays like a horror movie, examining an outdated and dehumanizing sexual assault reporting process from the victim’s perspective. By the time a decidedly more sympathetic and capable Colorado detective pair enter the proceedings, the show turns into a charming crime drama… while Mary’s plight never loses focus.

Like American NightmareSomething resembling justice is available at the end of Incredible, there it can be enjoyed by audiences willing to make it. Apart from the series’ entertaining subject matter, the performances are equally excellent. Dever (will next be seen in an important role the last of us Season 2) Works career best. Waver and Colette deserve their own season true Detective,

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