Neve Campbell back in Scream? “I wouldn’t be surprised if someone called me.”

The actress could have saved Scream VII, but the remuneration should be commensurate with her long and loyal service to the franchise.

Much blood is shed in his final months, but his iconic heroine, Sidney Prescott (neve campbell Acted in at least five films the Scream Over 25 years) does not exclude returns. When asked again on this subject he said, “we will see,

Today, all eyes are on the former members of the franchise, and especially those neve campbell, he announced hollywood reporter During the BAFTA Tea Party in Beverly Hills: “If they were to come back to me, it would be with a respectable offer that I believe fits what I bring to this franchise.,

after the scandal all around melissa barrera With regard to its position on the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, Castaing finds itself fundamentally poor. The actress announced on her social networks that Israel “Genocide and ethnic cleansing. This situation led to a strong reaction from the new franchise the Screamwith whom Its lead actress was dropped from the next part.

The removal didn’t fail to provoke a reaction from the actress’s best friend and imaginary younger sister: Jenna Ortega, a true rising star. The support and departure of the young actress had a devastating effect on the franchise, which found itself deprived of two headliners for it. scream seventh, These continued departures are truly heartbreaking for a franchise famous for bloody stabbings. After him the director, chris landon “has also set sail since”dream turned into nightmare,

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The next film has been under threat since November, and the original star of the saga is well aware of the problems faced by Spyglass. This opportunity is for those who have already expressed their disappointment over the decisions of their producers.

,I know things are moving right now, and I think they’re trying to figure out what they’re going to do. I wouldn’t be surprised if I got a call. But at the same time, I made a strong statement a few years ago, which was that I didn’t believe the way I was treated would be the same if I were male and I was making a certain salary to run this franchise. I am entitled to. Until I did.“, Said neve campbell,

best known of “Final Girl” Refers to the conflict that took place in June 2022 over disputes over their remuneration. However, recent changes in the situation are redistributing the cards and opening up fields of possibilities. neve campbell It doesn’t say discussion is closed to save it scream seventhBut their remuneration should be commensurate with their long and loyal service to the franchise, she explains.

,Would I do it? This franchise has millions of fans. These films mean a lot to people. They mean a lot to me. He means a lot to (Kevin Williamson). They meant a lot to Wes Craven. They were very important to all of its cast, and we would all like to see this franchise continue. I wouldn’t want it to go up in smoke. we will see.,

the return of patrick dempsey (saw in scream 3,This was mentioned during the talks before the departure of chris landon, It is not yet known whether he will be associated with the project or not.

Fired from Scream 7, Melissa Barrera reacts: “I can’t keep quiet”

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