New ranking of the world’s best 50 cities

The Statue of Liberty and the unmistakable profile of New York from the water (Reuters/Bjorn Kils/New York Media Boat)

magazine time up It was announced on Wednesday Annual ranking with 50 best citiesWhich is mainly based on surveys of local residents.

“What makes a city great? Some would say it’s all about the vibrant neighborhoods, affordable food and drink, and a wide range of activities from art galleries and museums to live music and theater. Others highlight aspects such as the happiness of its residents, access to green areas and the good atmosphere of the community. We take all this and more into account in our annual survey, in which we ask city dwellers around the world Tell us what it’s like to live, work and have fun in your cities”Tells the magazine about the method of preparing the list.

time upIn collaboration with research company Potentia Insight, surveyed thousands of residents about “the quality and affordability of their city’s food, culture and nightlife.” They were also asked about their well-being at the site, their social interactions there and whether they found it beautiful.

Additionally, all respondents were asked What other city would you like to live in?,

next, top 10 Among the best cities in the world, according to where is the timeTea:

1. New York (United States of America)

Broadway (Credit: New York Travel Guide)

Known for its spirit of “the city that never sleeps”. “This vibrant metropolis is always adapting, always innovating and always pushing boundaries. She never sleeps. She’s wide awake,” says the magazine, which in turn highlights her exhibitions at the city’s galleries and museums, such as MoMA, the Whitney and the American Museum of Natural History.

2. Cape Town (South Africa)

Cape Town and its surrounding mountains, Table Mountain and Lion’s Head (Vicki Jauron/Getty Images)

He says, “In the center of a peninsula adorned with spectacular beaches, with Table Mountain full of well-marked trails, it’s hard not to fall in love with Cape Town’s natural beauty.” time up, It also highlights the importance of the city in unraveling the country’s turbulent history involving the system of racial segregation (apartheid) between 1948 and 1992.

3. Berlin (Germany)

Museum Island, Berlin (Tomas Cereda/Getty Images/iStockphoto)

The magazine acknowledges that the German capital is not renowned for its friendliness, but highlights that its citizens are the “soul” of the metropolis. “Whether people-watching in a pub in Neukölln, on the dance floor in Friedrichshain or at a protest in Kreuzberg, you will definitely find your place among like-minded people in Berlin,” he says.

4. London (United Kingdom)

Participants walk across Westminster Bridge next to the Palace of Westminster as they compete in the Brighton Veteran Car Run in London for vehicles built before 1905 on November 5, 2023 in London, Britain. Reuters/Toby Melville/Archive

“Londoners make London great. Nowhere in the world can one rub shoulders with such a diverse and at the same time so strangely homogeneous group of people,” the publication said. The British capital is famous for offering free museums, its “huge parks” and its “legendary” pubs.

5. Madrid (Spain)

The Metropolis building on the corner of Gran Vía and Calle Alcalá with the long-term display (Sylvain Sonnett/Getty Images)

time up The Spanish capital is characterized as “a welcoming and vibrant city known for its exciting (daily) nightlife, its superb cuisine, its internationally renowned chefs and its vibrant culture.” He says the essence of the city “is found in its neighborhoods, where longtime neighborhoods and century-old stores coexist with new art galleries and specialty cafés.”

6. Mexico City (Mexico)

Mexico City (John Colletti/Getty Images)

The populous metropolis was declared the world’s best city for culture in 2023. The media highlights its “exciting emerging art spaces”, including galleries such as Laguna, Naranjo and “long-awaited international exhibitions such as Damien Hirst at the Jumex Museum”. The Mexican capital is also famous for its “vibrant gastronomic revolution”.

7. Liverpool (United Kingdom)

A statue of the Beatles in Albert Dock, Liverpool, United Kingdom, April 14, 2020. Reuters/Carl Racine/File

time up He says the northern English city is “much more than guided tours of the Beatles and football matches.” It highlights its nightlife, its “seedy bars” and places to hear the best DJs. In any case, he assures that the metropolis is “equally attractive in daylight.”

8. Tokyo (Japan)

Tokyo, Japan (Getty Images)

According to the publication, what makes the Japanese city really exciting is its “dynamism.” “It never stays the same: there’s always something new and innovative to discover,” he says. He also mentioned that some of the world’s best restaurants are located there, including the Gucci Osteria created by Massimo Bottura; Le Pristine from Antwerp, with one Michelin star; And Maz.

9. Rome (Italy)

The Spanish Steps and the Fontana Della Barccia at dusk with the Spanish Steps in Rome (Getty Images)

The capital of Italy is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It attracts travelers with its history, cuisine and lifestyle. The magazine says, “From the majestic Colosseum and the intricately carved Trevi Fountain to the Spanish Steps and the Pantheon, the city’s architectural splendor provides a dramatic backdrop to everyday life.”

10. Porto (Portugal)

Porto, Portugal (Getty Images)

The friendly Portuguese city is, without a doubt, known for its cuisine. “It’s a place where you eat better and drink better,” he says. time upwhich voted it “the best European city break this year”.

Here we order the list based on the number with which they appear in the global time out rankings:

16. Sao Paulo (Brazil)

An aerial view shows buildings of the Paraísopolis favela and Morumbi neighborhood in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on October 27, 2022. Reuters/Amanda Perobelli/File

The most populous city in Brazil is, for time up, “A must-see in a country that has no dearth of attractions.” He considers it a global destination for food lovers. He highlighted that generations of immigrants from Europe, Asia, South America and Africa have “made San Pablo’s gastronomic scene as diverse and vibrant as the species of the Amazon rainforest.”

25. Lima (Peru)

Pool at Plaza Mayor in Lima

Home to ancient temples, modern skyscrapers, fascinating museums and some of the best restaurants in South America, Peru’s capital has been hailed by the magazine as “one of the most fascinating destinations in Latin America.” He describes it as “anarchic” as well as a “creative and sophisticated city”.

32. Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Buenos Aires, Argentina (Getty Images)

Argentina’s vibrant capital is one of the “main gastronomic cities of South America”, according to the magazine, while highlighting the publication of its first guide. michelin, He also sheds light on cocktails, and gives out prestigious awards, for example art of hospitality of 50 best bars in the world who received the bar three monkeys Last year.

1. New York (United States of America)

2. Cape Town (South Africa)

3. Berlin (Germany)

4. London (United Kingdom)

5. Madrid (Spain)

6. Mexico City (Mexico)

7. Liverpool (United Kingdom)

8. Tokyo (Japan)

9. Rome (Italy)

10. Porto (Portugal)

11. Paris (France)

12. Mumbai (India)

13. Lisbon (Portugal)

14. Chicago (United States of America)

15. Manchester (United Kingdom)

16. Sao Paulo (Brazil)

17. Los Angeles (United States of America)

18. Amsterdam (Netherlands)

19. Lagos (Nigeria)

20. Melbourne (Australia)

21. Naples (Italy)

22. Singapore (Singapore)

23. Miami (United States of America)

24. Bangkok (Thailand)

25. Lima (Peru)

26. Budapest (Hungary)

27. Beijing (China)

28. Dubai (Arab Emirates)

29. Montreal (Canada)

30.Glasgow (Scotland)

31. Sydney (Australia)

32. Buenos Aires (Argentina)

33. Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

34. Manila (Philippines)

35. Seoul (South Korea)

36. Hanoi (Vietnam)

37. San Francisco (United States of America)

38. Barcelona (Spain)

39. Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)

40. New Orleans (United States of America)

41. Philadelphia (United States of America)

42. Austin (United States of America)

43. Boston (United States of America)

44. Accra (Ghana)

45. Marseille (France)

46.Taipei (Taiwan)

47. Istanbul (Türkiye)

48. Osaka (Japan)

49. Hong Kong

50. Vancouver (Canada)

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