New York could promote Luisangel Acuña in 2024

Venezuela’s super potential, Luisangel Acuñawhich belongs to the rank of now New York MetsRisen meteorically and has his sights set on playing mlb sooner than later.

season at the trade deadline mlb 2023, max shazer sent Texas Rangers By Creole Infielder Luisangel Acuñawho will play now “New York City”, Second man from the Acuña Dynasty to make his Major League debut signed with ranger guys In 2018 for the amount of $425 thousand dollars, and in it the image was seen like that of his brother, the current MVP of the National League.

the numbers you left milb Making him one of the great gems of the game. He held 121 meetings between Frisco Roughriders And binghamton rumble poniesBranches of Double A ranger guys And mets Respectively, he totaled 150 hits, of which 28 were doubles, nine home runs, and two triples.

The New York Mets made an important announcement for Luis Angel Auna Jr.

official portal of mets Located Luisangel Acuña As the organization’s number one prospect. As soon as he began taking at-bats in the Minors, he made an immediate impact. You already have enough experience to get the last call.

The regular season in the minor leagues begins March 30. Luisengel’s debut in AAA could come against first team affiliate Rochester Red Wings, Washington Nationals In mlb,

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