The PSOE has condemned that 7 out of every 10 family medicine contracts in Soria in 2023 did not exceed 2 days

According to figures provided by the socialist lawyer for Soria, among other specialties “1 in 4 does not make it per month.” It insults the Junta of Castilla y León that it blames the lack of specialists for health problems in the province and focuses on the named “hospital emergency physician”.

7 out of 10 contracts To primary care physician In Soriya formalized between January 1 and October 25, 2023 they will not exceed 2 days, This was said this morning Soria’s socialist lawyer Angel Hernandez, According to data transferred by the Health Minister of Castilla y León. During this period, 548 contractOf which 133 started and ended on the same day And 258 are lasting between one and two, 85% did not exceed 3 days. they’ll only last so long 27 contracts over 3 months, In other characteristics it has been realized 83 contract and in this case “Don’t make 1 in 4 a month”,

“And then the board says there are no doctors, could it be that they make indefinite contract Hernandez said, “And that’s why they don’t live in Soria province?” Furthermore, he alleged Yolanda de Gregorio, Regional Representative of the Board in Soria, “Return to Lie“, concentrate on Virgen del Miron Day Center: “The representative said it had to be closed because there were no experts, neither psychologists nor psychiatrists.” However, he highlighted that a clinical psychologist and a psychiatrist They were working with one in Soria temporary agreement Between 27 March and 19 April and 1 and 26 February respectively. He decried, “Why were these two professionals not hired long enough to keep the day center open?”

The socialist representative also warned about “”new category“Which is repeated in 22 covenants: hospital emergency physician, He highlighted that, since it is not a feature as such, will submit a parliamentary question Try to find out if he has been hired”non-specialized doctor As some unions have condemned in recent months”.

He expressed regret that the Board “indefinite contract year after year”, the same figures from previous years are repeated in 2023. On the other hand, he said that he does not know whether they have gone Giving temporary contracts to the same professionals Due to the format in which the data was delivered. He has criticized the fact that doctors are being removed from health centers and “they are trying to do the same.” Cover all positions with area doctors” who constantly change their destination, creating “confusion” among the patient and eliminating the “collusion” that usually occurs with the family doctor.

Use of masks in residences

Furthermore, he accused the executive of “Anarchy“Due to the various positions defended by the last week chairman And this health advisor in the subject Compulsory use of masks At certain places. “Manueko uses health as Ram’s beating against the Spanish government“, he condemned, noting that the President of the Board has made available to Castilla y León Interests of Alberto Núñez Feijú.

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