New York Yankees and Miami Marlins exchanged 2 players

A little less than 24 hours until the start of the 2024 season major League Baseball teams of new York Yankees And miami marlins They shook up the market with interesting and unexpected changes in segments.

This Wednesday, March 27, came the day for both managements to agree on the new destination of the 33-year-old utility veteran.

The New York Yankees added a utility

Changes announced by mish He did not mention the piece he delivered YankeesHowever, john heyman Found out that New Yorkers had sent john cruise To miami,

Anyway, the Marlins acquired the Yankees’ 28th prospect, John Cruz, and the Rays’ outfield prospect, Shane Sasaki, in a three-team trade. The Yankees acquired John Burti and the Rays acquired Ben Rortvedt, as Christina D. Nikola announced.

The new addition to the Bronx has once again reignited the debate over who should take up the utility position at the club.

with Osvaldo Cabrera On the roster and other positions involved, the outlook doesn’t look easy john bertie, In addition to trading for him, the slugger would have to demonstrate that he has what it takes to remain with the franchise.

bertie He is a veteran of six crops mlb, He debuted at the age of 28 toronto And after a brief internship he left miami,

John He has a career average of .258 with 23 home runs and 120 RBI.

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