NFL power rankings at the conclusion of the regular season

A look at where the league’s 32 clubs stand at the end of 18 weeks of the regular season, according to our experts

The 2023 regular season is over, and with it comes its final edition nfl power rankings Of espn, for now. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions – for some teams, the fall has been more dramatic than the climb – but all clubs have gone through ups and downs.

As expected, playoff teams dominate the top of the table, and those already on holidays have found themselves placed at the bottom. However, the order in which they appear does not necessarily follow the final league position, as our weekly list is all about the moments.

Without further delay, we present nfl power rankings espn At the end of the regular season:

Comment: The number in the first parenthesis indicates that team’s position in the previous week’s rankings. In the second bracket, the team’s final mark appears.

The biggest test for Baltimore will be to take the field when the divisional round begins without any signs of rust due to inactivity, which they were not able to do in 2019. — R.Z.

The 49ers decided to rest most of their starters last week, so they would play their first playoff game after a long period of inactivity; We will see if it doesn’t cost them too much. –E.C.

The final stretch of the season allowed the Cowboys to claim the division crown when it seemed reserved for the Eagles, and their reward will be facing a team that has dominated the playoffs in recent years. –lmv

Detroit fans have many reasons to be happy with their Lions’ return to the postseason and, most of all, the manner in which they achieved said comeback. That said, we haven’t found an icon on the level of Barry Sanders or Calvin Johnson on this team yet. — R.Z.

The Bills were the big winners of the weekend. Not only did they defeat the Dolphins to win the AFC East title, but they also earned the right to host the lowest-seeded team in the American Conference in the Wild Card Round. –E.C.

Cleveland is an uncomfortable team that no one wants to see in the playoffs due to the intensity of their defense and the experience of Joe Flacco at control. They definitely exceeded expectations. –lmv

If I were a Kansas City fan I would be very concerned about Patrick Mahomes’ lack of reliability in the hands of his receivers, even if last season’s experience works in the Chiefs’ favor. — R.Z.

The Dolphins had the AFC East title in their hands and let it slip away. Aside from the many injuries that Miami has suffered throughout the season, the thing that raises the most doubts heading into the playoffs is Tua Tagovailoa’s ability to recover from unfavorable scores. –E.C.

Philadelphia will arrive in the playoffs very low on injuries and confidence considering the way they closed out the regular season, to the point that even a loss to the Buccaneers in the Wild Card Round doesn’t seem out of place. –lmv

The Rams appear to have come from nowhere to be a confident and dangerous team for Detroit, and they may face someone else along the way. — R.Z.

No matter what happens in the playoffs, Houston’s future is secure with head coach Demeco Ryans and quarterback CJ Stroud. –E.C.

They won the annual series against the Ravens – Baltimore’s second heavily replaced game – but worked their way to the playoffs despite inconsistency at the quarterback position. –lmv

It’s good to head into the postseason with a positive mindset, but the disappointing win against Carolina should set off some alarm bells for Tampa Bay’s coaches. — R.Z.

Jordan Love accomplished something that Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers could not, leading the Packers to the playoffs in his first season as a starter. –E.C.

They have improved a lot on offense compared to last season, but it was not enough for them to make the playoffs and they have not made the postseason for three consecutive years, so the pressure increases for Dennis Allen. . –lmv

The competition system is the same, and no one here is calling for it to change, but that’s OK if we accept that the Bengals are a better team than some of the teams that have made the playoffs. — R.Z.

Tyler Goodson will long regret the pass he didn’t catch in the last series against the Texans, but don’t let the young running back dwell on the loss, much less the Colts’ elimination; It was a collective effort. –E.C.

Pete Carroll made it clear he would return to Seattle’s sideline for at least another year and despite exceeding expectations, he took a step back on occasion by watching the playoffs from home, so in the short term Change is not out of the conversation. –lmv

The Jaguars suffered the worst decline of all during the season, largely because their direct rivals in the AFC South did not look as intimidating as clubs in other regions. — R.Z.

The Raiders have a chance to correct the mistake they made in 2021 when they did not retain interim head coach Rich Bisasia in favor of Josh McDaniels. Antonio Pierce finished the year with a 5-4 record playing with a rookie quarterback and the entire time it seemed like the locker room was on his side. –E.C.

With the opportunity to eliminate their biggest rival, they once again produced a version their fans couldn’t be prouder of and it will be very interesting to see how they perform in the offseason with the capital they have. do. contract. –lmv

If Jarrett Stidham gets a legitimate opportunity to compete for Denver’s starting job, it will be, first and foremost, due to a lack of resources to bring in someone better, because after five years in the league, there are no suggestions. That it could be something different from what it was: a choice. — R.Z.

It sounds cliché at times, but the Vikings are actually one good quarterback away from being a playoff team. Unfortunately, it appeared that Minnesota had a quarterback on the roster with Joshua Dobbs, who was inexplicably waived after a disappointing 3-0 win over the Raiders in Week 14. To put it in perspective, the Dobbs went 2-2 in their four weeks. One start and Nick Mullens finished the year with an 0-4 record. –E.C.

The Arthur Smith era is over and with elements like Kyle Pitts, Bijan Robinson, Drake London and company, this is undoubtedly making it an attractive situation to be in because of their talent. –lmv

It’s almost ridiculous to hear Aaron Rodgers talk about the Jets’ need to throw out everything that has nothing to do with winning, when you consider all the things he says in his many media appearances And how much does it have to do with victory for New Zealand? Yorker.. — R.Z.

Tennessee showed self-love with a win that eliminated Jacksonville from the playoff, now entering an offseason filled with uncertainty, starting with the future of Derrick Henry. –E.C.

The story once again going forward this offseason is to see how they proceed with running back Saquon Barkley, but let’s not expect a huge change for 2024 with Daniel Jones at the helm. –lmv

Because of the potential of the names on the roster, but also the cost associated with those names, the Chargers general manager vacancy could be one of the most interesting for the next hiring cycle. — R.Z.

The best example of how the Cardinals’ season was was when, a week after ringing the bell in Philadelphia, they were unable to defeat the already eliminated Seahawks at home. –E.C.

New England continues to find ways to stay in the conversation even if the playoffs were never in the picture, but it’s no small feat what happens to the best head coach in franchise history and one of the best in franchise history. . League. –lmv

I suggested last year that waiving Ron Rivera and Sam Howell in 2023 was part of a plan to put the Commanders at the top of the pick order in the 2024 draft, and now they’ll have the second overall pick to look for in your quarterback. Future. — R.Z.

The Panthers fired general manager Scott Fitterer, who hired fired coach Frank Reich and orchestrated a trade that left Carolina without a first-round draft pick – it was the first overall – for quarterback Bryce. Young. Given the way the franchise is cleaning up after this disastrous season, it’s not unreasonable to think that Young’s days in Carolina may also be numbered. –E.C.

The following participated in the preparation of these power rankings: Eric Cervantes (EC), Luis Miguel Vasavilbaso (LMV) and Rafael Zamorano (RZ).

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