Nicolas Pérez Fidalgo, Navarrese, winner of the ‘Jesús Galán 2023 Award’ for his academic record in Medicine

The Foundation for the Social Protection of the Collegiate Medical Organization (FPSOMC) has conferred the ‘Jesus Galan 2023’ Award in the category of Best Medical Degree Record. Nicolas Perez Fidalgo, an orphan protected by the Foundation and belonging to the College of Physicians of Navarra, who graduated in Medicine during the 2021/2022 academic year. Nicolas Perez Fidalago Completed degree with 12 honours., He will receive 5,910 euros as prize.

Nicolás is the son of Dr. Javier Pérez Calvo, who died in 2012, and Dr. Diana Fidalgo, who is registered in Navarra. His brother Guillermo received the same award in 2018, in the category of Best Academic Record in Engineering Degree in Industrial Technologies. He has been a beneficiary of the WTO Foundation for Social Protection since the age of 11 and has received help from the Orphan Foundation for people under 21, three scholarships for medical studies and help in applying for a degree. Currently, he is a Resident Radiology Intern at Basurto Hospital.

‘Jesus Galan’ Award

In May 1980, the then Orphan Board instituted these awards to commemorate the performance of Dr. Jesús Galán as its Vice-Chairman. In addition to his dedication to patients, Dr. Galan dedicated his life to improving the medical profession, beginning in his university classes.

The objective of these awards is to appreciate and reward the work and dedication to the academic studies undertaken by the orphan children of doctors patronized by the Foundation, regardless of the scholarship and assistance received during their training period.

today this award They stand out among the assistance provided to protected orphans by the WTO’s Social Protection Foundation, which every year recognizes the best academic records among its graduates on offer from various official provincial medical colleges. There are two awards: for the best academic record in a Medicine degree, and for the best academic record in any other degree.


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