Norwegian Kos Method for Being Happy

Happiness is one of the goals we want to achieve throughout life. On many occasions we do not see how it is possible to do this, or which path we have to take

being able to feel fullness, Norway ranks among the 10 happiest countries in the world and its residents follow the famous Kos method.

It is a philosophy of life that has no literal translation, although we can define it as

desire to have a good time In the company of loved ones. That is, security and comfort in social relationships, which improves our well-being.

It’s a lifestyle that focuses on

enjoy small things Which, apparently, may be irrelevant, but they make a big difference. This method can be done at any time and place, although it is always better to do it in good company.

Although in these countries the nights last longer than half of the day during winter, which can eventually affect their mood, they know how to make the most of those moments to be together. And there are two basic pillars in Norwegian

Community and interpersonal relationships.

They are not people who seek their own well-being without considering others, but

they care about the general well-being, This is emphasized in the Kosa philosophy, which seeks harmony in all areas of life, a balance between work and social relationships.

Many experts confirm that this theory originated from the difficult stages that Norwegians had to go through during the winter, learning to enjoy the small details of life, and finding great pleasure in being able to.

spend time outside When the cold was ending.

And nature is considered essential for health, as spending time around it helps us

reduce stress and stay calm, improves mood. This is one reason why they usually make outdoor plans in groups that share similar interests and hobbies.

In addition to doing these types of activities that allow you to develop connections with the world around you and establish healthy social relationships, the Kos Method also invites you to.

set clear boundaries, That is, learning to say “no”, which may seem the simplest thing, but which is often difficult for us to pronounce, especially in the work area.

Develop resilience, because life is full of ups and downs, but, in those difficult moments, we must be able to

face them with a positive attitude And his head was held high. And this philosophy will undoubtedly help you be happier.

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