Nvidia: Jensen Huang: The entrepreneur who washed dishes before leading a new tech giant bigger than Google, Facebook and Amazon

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Jensen Huang moved to the United States when he was 9 years old and did not speak English.

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In the name of Nvidia, the company founded by Jensen Huang in 1993, three revealing elements are combined: nv, for next darshan (a vision of what is to come); VID, a reference to video – since the company started by betting on the development of graphics cards for computers -; but also words jealousyWhich is used in Latin to refer to – you guessed it – jealousy.

And, given this technology company’s amazing results over the past year, it’s likely that that’s exactly what both the company and its founder have awakened in their competitors.

Between March 2023 and March 2024, the value of Nvidia shares increased from US$264 to US$886, bringing its total valuation above US$2 trillion and Making it the third most valuable publicly traded company in the world., leaving behind Alphabet (Google), Amazon and Meta; And is behind only Microsoft and Apple.

The rapid increase in Nvidia’s value is explained by the uproar around artificial intelligence and the fact that this company is the supplier of more than 70% of the chips that make this technology possible.

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