On the cover of Vanity Fair: Queen Anne Hathaway, without any taboos

Had Anne Hathaway read Victor Hugo before accepting the role of Fantine in Tom Hooper’s Les Misérables? In the fourth volume of his masterpiece, the author, exiled to Guernsey, describes the beginning of the hatred that will take away Cosette’s mother: “Some people are bad only because they need to speak. Their conversations, conversations in the living room, conversations on the porch, are like these chimneys that quickly spoil the wood; They require a lot of fuel; And fuel is next. » Premonitory vision: A century and a half later, in 2013, the American actress saw herself immolating herself on social networks after winning an Oscar for her performance in the musical Fantine. The same deadly conversations between their opponents, the same incendiary impulses.

After all, what are we accusing him of? Everything and anything: the transparency of her powder pink Prada dress during the ceremony, her perfect smile, her doe-like eyes that were not at all frightened, and the excitement she sincerely expressed when receiving the gold statuette, “It’s true Done” . A movement is forming on Twitter, where Anne Hathaway’s critics are changing their name to “Hatta-Haters.” “It wasn’t easy,” the star told our friend Julie Miller TODAY. Many directors no longer wanted to give me roles out of fear that the hate I received online would affect their projects. ,

Now it’s my turn to risk burnout (except for the Oscars) by telling you how much I’ve wanted this cover for a long time. In her own way, Queen Anne’s trajectory tells the story of the new Hollywood dream factory: a falsely clueless princess debut at Disney, an unforgettable role as an intern with a terrible — sorry, demanding — fashion magazine director. (Inspired, they say, about our beloved boss), a charming singing turn in the Broadway version of Les Misérables, a fashion icon status through appearances in fashion shows, and now, a new career as a femme fatale. . Am I exaggerating this issue? Patience.

Before we turn the pages of this issue, we should imagine him in his next film, The Idea of ​​Being With You, a comedy more sultry than romantic, based on the novel of the same name by American actress/writer Robin Lee: Anne plays the prudish role of a divorced mother in her late forties whose life is turned upside down when she accompanies her daughter to the Coachella festival. Then she catches the eye of a young (and extremely simple) boy band singer who is sixteen years her junior. The beginning of a blinding and cruel passion that sweeps away all moral conventions under its influence. So now is the time for him to give up his last infatuation of a nice young girl by declaring his desire loud and clear. In a disturbing session given to Norman Jean Roy, she reveals herself as a Victorian dominatrix mistress: here, she poses in an Alaïa latex dress and Mugler stiletto heels; There, she is seen in a cream Louis Vuitton bustier, her gaze hidden behind a veil; A little further on, here it is in simple Kiki de Montparnasse lace, named after Modigliani’s inspiration.

Anne Hathaway knows this: These steaming images will reignite the conversation, and fan the embers of wickedness once again. Victor Hugo wrote further on Fantine’s humiliation: “In small towns, it seems that an unfortunate woman lies naked under everyone’s sarcasm and curiosity. In Hollywood, one might be tempted to add, actresses respond by choosing their clothes.

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