‘One Day’: Does Netflix’s romantic series live up to the film?

For years, on the same date every year, Emma and Dexter would write to each other. However, both of them took very different paths. Emma works small jobs, Dexter travels to Europe and enjoys the life he gets, being part of an affluent environment. Then Emma becomes a teacher, but without giving up her desire to write a novel (waiting for her to have enough confidence in herself, she keeps it in existence in her thoughts like the pages of her countless notebooks that she filled since childhood. Has been). , Dexter becomes a television star, then in full swing. Behind the golden illusions of the film sets and the excesses of the entertainment world, he actually hides a deep sadness. He slowly descends into alcohol and drugs. At the same time, Emma moves to Paris to live her dream as a writer… and so for almost 20 years, the paths of these two lovers will cross, fall in love, drift apart Will go, miss each other and find each other again. , The audience laughs and cries at everything that happens to them. Most of all, he is happy to know these lonely people whose simple presence of others is enough to give them a little light. Because that’s what it’s all about: finding salt in the bleak daily grind of life.

When Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess played Emma and Dexter in the movies

story of 2011 david nichols is the subject of the first cinematographic adaptation by lone sherfig (To whom we are indebted for social film riot club or even drama a winter in new york, The Danish filmmaker filmed his two protagonists in love without really knowing each other from 1988 to 2011 (taking care to begin their scenes on Saint-Swithin’s Day, 15 July each year, as in the novel, and as bequeathed also does) series, hence the title one day), For the record, several scenes in the feature film were filmed in Brittany. For example, we can recognize the Dinard Lock beach and its outdoor swimming pool, but also the Dinard Viaduct and its port. The scene where Emma and Dexter meet on the naturist beach was filmed in Guimorris, Saint Coulomb.

Actress Emma Morley Anne Hathaway is nothing short of impeccable: a model working-class student, an aspiring writer, and a young woman hoping to change the world on her own terms. We see her hair open and naturally curly, before seeing it cut shorter as her character ages and the film progresses. At first she was unsure of herself, then gradually she began to emphasize her character strengths as well as her flaws. Jim Sturgess, for his part, plays him as Dexter Mayhew. He changes less physically, but matures just as much (which we have to admit, he really needed). A privileged academic but with no real plans for the future who loves to entertain and seduce the entire campus, he gains in stubbornness and selfishness before redeeming his behavior (thanks to love, perhaps?). Together, they create the alchemy we imagined david nichols, Although the charm of this tandem worked, the reviews when the film was received were generally quite poor. series of an interval one day Can fill? it’s possible.

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