One Day (Netflix): Drama-romantic series’ tragic ending could have been different

Tragic and devastating, the end of One Day left many addicted to the Netflix series sad. But in reality, the conclusion of David Nicholls’ book and the film with Anne Hathaway could be re-imagined in fiction for a 2024 release. The series creator said about this ending that she would have liked to have been different. Warning, spoilers.

The makers of One Day series might have wanted a happy ending for the romantic series.

It’s the terrifying moment we were all afraid of, but in episode 13 mini series, Emma dies in a bicycle accident hit by a car. If her sudden death left Dexter, her great love, with whom she had finally discovered cloudless happiness, inconsolable, this tragic end also had a great impact on her fans. dramatic-romantic seriesWho showed themselves ruined on X or TikTok.

But those who had already read the book of the same name david nichols or watched a movie together Anne Hathaway Films released in 2011, for their part, were already well acquainted with this deadly scene. A key moment in the drama, Emma’s death is nevertheless a scene that series creator, Nicole Taylor, did not think about filming, in order to secure a happy ending for the ultimately reunited couple. leo woodall And Ambika Mod, before changing her mind.

Is hollywoodlifeShe admitted on thinking about it: “It’s something I thought about (…) It broke people’s hearts. I remember being on the subway and coming across this page of a book . You just want to throw the book out the window. It’s devastating. So it felt right to re-examine this option,” he told US media.

One Day (Netflix): Why was Emma’s death kept?

In one day NetflixEmma’s Destiny, played by Ambika Mod, so it could have been different. But if this option was so destructive, why was it kept? Maintaining Emma’s death in this new adaptation of the English writer’s story was actually a decision tied to the morality given by the final scenario: “The story has a dramatic structural integrity, and it speaks to the temporal nature of these relationships whose Makes no sense. It’s an attraction to someone you have nothing in common with. But over time, you see something new and you see something in them,” analyzed nicole taylor in the column ofhollywoodlife,

The romantic series, beginning with Emma’s story and ending with Dexter’s story, “had no other ending that would have given so much meaning to the play as a whole. (…) We must find some kind of meaning”. , the screenwriter ofone day,

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