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The Netflix series One Day and the film of the same name starring Anne Hathaway is an adaptation of the same novel by David Nicholls. What are the differences between the two? Warning, spoilers.

Warning, spoilers. It is recommended that you watch the series one day before continuing reading this article.

This is the romantic series of the moment on Netflix! Among the top views since being put online, the series One Day is an adaptation of the world bestseller by David Nicholls. This British fiction by Nicole Taylor tells the story of Emma Morley (Ambica Maude) and Dexter Mayhew (Leo Woodall) over twenty years, from 1988 to 2007.

For fourteen episodes, subscribers binged on the story of love and friendship between Emma and Dex, for better and for worse, against the backdrop of deep British social changes and the disillusionment of a lost generation.

If the series has been a great success, it is not the first time that a David Nicholls novel has been adapted. 13 years ago, director Lon Scherfig brought this touching story to the big screen with actors Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess.

The main story between the film and the series is essentially the same, but there are still some differences worth noting. They are here.

A shorter version versus a longer, more in-depth story

The strong point of the Netflix version is that the series format allows the main and secondary characters to develop more, especially in adapting their relationships with Tilly (especially her marriage), Ian, Sylvie or other conquests. Also enables. Further excerpts from the book, where the film had to ignore certain scenes or reduce others, such as the story between Emma and her school principal, or the first day that Emma and Dex spend together.


Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess in the film One Day.

It also allows us to better characterize its two main characters and create more depth to their development. In the series, Emma has less self-confidence and learns to cope with Dexter and the world around her, while gradually becoming an accomplished and confident young woman and Dexter is more fun-loving and willing to be better than in the film. .

The Netflix series with its 14-episode format allows you to dedicate an episode to a year and explore its characters and situations, but above all to nurture the audience’s sense of attachment to its heroes . Which makes the tragic ending even more devastating.

emma’s death

Emma’s death is the same in the film and series: she was hit by a driver. But small details make the two deaths different. So, in the movie, Emma is riding her bike on a sunny day and crosses a street and is suddenly hit by a truck.

In the series, Emma is cycling in the rain and is hit by a car coming from the opposite direction. Viewers may feel Emma’s death a little more in the series version of One Day.

Dex’s life after Emma’s death

After Emma’s death, Dexter is inconsolable. He finds his old demons and returns to his vices by drinking and taking drugs, whether it’s in the movie or the Netflix series. But television fiction also takes advantage of its serialized format to focus on his recovery in the final episode.


Leo Woodall and Ambika Maude in the one-day series.

Indeed, the Netflix series focuses on Dexter’s grieving process, who is helped by his family, blood and heart, which in addition to his father and his daughter include his ex-wife, Emma’s friends and even Emma’s ex. Also included, which is much more sympathetic. series compared to the film.

The series ends on a sweet note with Dexter and his daughter taking a walk to the same place where Dexter and Emma spent their first day together, followed by a montage of the two lovers’ kiss, whose story spans decades. Is.

A more inclusive casting

One big difference between Lone Scherving’s film and Nicole Taylor’s Netflix series is in its casting. While the cast of the feature film is exclusively white, the cast of the series is more diverse. Thus, the character of Emma is played by Ambika Maud, who is a British-Indian actress and her character is of Hindu origin.

Several secondary characters, such as Tilly, Jean-Pierre (Emma’s French boyfriend) and Suki, are played by black actors in the series, which is not the case in the film.

series one day Available on Netflix.

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