Out of all the movies and TV shows Austin Butler has been in, only one show brought him to tears because of the way he was treated


  • Austin Butler suffered personal humiliation and emotional breakdown after being assaulted by the director and executives on the set during the shooting of the movie “Elvis”.
  • Austin made great efforts to portray the role of Elvis to perfection, even as he faced personal struggles and health problems after the project ended.
  • Austin’s efforts were praised by many, including Lisa Marie Presley, who expressed her admiration and belief that he deserved an Academy Award for his performance.

Austin Butler She has become a household name after working with some of the best and brightest filmmakers in Hollywood. In particular, Austin loved working with Quentin Tarantino. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Once the film was released, it caught the attention of other directors and Austin Butler’s films and TV shows became fan favorites.

Austin has come a long way from his debut on TV shows like life Unexpected And Carrie Diaries, He also avoided being typecast after his first film in science fiction and horror. Ultimately, only one film made him cry over how he was treated on the sets.

elvis Austin Butler had tears in his eyes

Austin Butler was intentionally bullied on the set of Elvis

Austin Butler as Elvis
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elvisThe director wanted Austin Butler to be deeply knowledgeable about the career, personality, and quirks of the film’s protagonist. While Austin took his advice on understanding Elvis Presley, he did not expect to experience personal humiliation and an emotional breakdown on the set, despite Leonardo DiCaprio’s warnings about Baz Luhrmann.

The role Austin was playing brought more than just tears to his eyes. After the director and others he literally went home crying elvis On the day of his first recording, officers mistreated him.

Austin explained that they were trying to give him a taste of the experience that Elvis experienced when he first came on stage when the audience booed him. However, knowing this did not ease his pain at the insult.


Is Austin Butler still close to his father after not meeting him for three years?

Austin Butler said he didn’t see his father for three years, but it probably didn’t affect their relationship.

Austin said, “When I was in the recording studio on my first day, Baz wanted me to get as close to the performance as possible.” “He had all the executives and all the people from RCA in the recording studio, and he says: ‘I want you all to sit in front of Austin’ and he asked them to harass me.”

Austin defended the director’s choice, saying the practice was effective.

Austin Butler cast himself in this role elvis

Austin’s full commitment to the role of Elvis caused him personal struggles.

austin butler elvis

This was not the only time Austin tried to get as closely as possible with Elvis while making the film. According to the same source report, realizing that playing Elvis was not natural for him, Austin spent six months as a “detective”, trying to uncover as much of Elvis’s life and experiences as possible.

Taking advantage of the 2020 lockdown, Austin created a character very different from what he imagined because he allowed himself to experience his character on such a deep level.

In fact, as the shooting of the film completed, he found it difficult to leave his character. Even months after starring in the film, Austin Butler’s accent was similar to that of Elvis.


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More worryingly, after the project ended, Austin’s health began to deteriorate due to the pressure he had put on himself. In March 2021, he had to be taken to the hospital.

Austin recalled, “I woke up at four in the morning in excruciating pain and was taken to the hospital.” “My body started shutting down the day after I finished eating elvis,” he explained.

Fortunately, he responded to the treatment and recovered within a week.

Many praised Austin for his performance in the film, including Lisa Marie Presley.

For Butler, the pain was worthwhile to accurately portray Elvis Presley.

The truth about Austin Butler's relationship with Lisa Marie Presley before his tragic demise,
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Austin Butler’s efforts to become the most authentic Elvis impressed most critics. He was praised for how closely he resembled the King of Rock and Roll, including his efforts to match the iconic singer’s accent and voice.

Elvis Presley’s daughter Lisa Marie opened up about how impressed she was when she saw the film for the first time.

“It’s almost like he channels her,” she said. “He put his all, his heart, his soul, his everything into researching, reading, watching, learning. He respected her in every possible way.”

Lisa Marie also expressed her admiration for Austin’s performance on Instagram and said that he deserved an Academy Award for this performance.

She wrote, “If Butler doesn’t win an Oscar for this role I will eat my leg.”


Miles Teller lost Elvis to Austin Butler, but not being cast in this $446 million movie may hurt more

Miles Teller is no stranger to losing big movies, but when his former director Damien Chazelle left to replace him with Ryan Gosling, things got complicated.

“You can feel and see Baz’s pure love, care and respect for my father in this beautiful film, and ultimately it is something that I and my children and their children can always be proud of. “

It was a relief to Austin that Lisa Marie and her mother Priscilla Presley praised his great efforts in becoming Elvis for the film. He explained that he was afraid the family would not like the film, and was happy to receive their praise.

Austin said of the family’s reaction, “I can’t put into words how much it meant to me because I felt so much responsibility to them the whole time.”

“That’s the thing that got me out of bed every morning. I didn’t know how they would react. I was completely prepared for them, maybe I didn’t want to see it or didn’t want to like it or Didn’t want to do anything,” he concluded.

Luckily, that didn’t happen and Austin’s tears were not in vain.

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