Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen had to improvise Vision’s key scene in Infinity War

“We both really trust each other and we came up with something that worked,” the actor explains.

during an interview for collideractor paul bettany Looked back at his fifteen years of involvement in the MCU, first by recording the voice of JARVIS, the artificial intelligence serving Tony Stark, then embodying the character of Vision.

Beware of spoilers! During Vision’s heartbreaking death scene, killed by Thanos infinity war, paul bettany Says he had to completely reform elizabeth olsenWho plays Wanda.

,Brother Russo came to us and said: ‘Hey, look, can you improve this scene?’ and I say: ‘What ? Improve by becoming a killing robot? I have no frame of reference!” says Bettany, Surprisingly, despite the tragedy of the sequence, he says the situation brought a lot of amusement. elizabeth olsen,

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,Lizzie was laughing about it, and we were so comfortable with each other that… I don’t know how it would have worked otherwise, because we both really trust each other and, somehow, we came up with something that worked“, He says.

The actor also took a look at the evolution of his role since the beginning of the MCU, as he first started dubbing artificial intelligence JARVIS, Tony Stark’s virtual butler. iron Man in 2008. ,Jon Favreau (…) told me: ‘Listen, I’m directing this movie called Iron Man and I needed someone who didn’t have a personality, and I immediately thought of you,'” he recalls. paul bettany,

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,How can I say no to him? He jokes. So I did this, and it was a lot of fun, But as the films developed, his presence on the set gradually became more and more essential, which may have been the trigger for his transition from Jarvis’ voice to Vision. ,I think I made everyone laugh, and they said: ‘Oh, it would be great to have him on the set.’ I think that’s what happened. I guess he thought it would be fun to hang out with me.And thus the vision project became a reality.

paul bettany Concluded on my experience on the series wandavisionIn which he was able to really work on his character’s relationship with the Scarlet Witch: “I think it was fantastic for Lizzie and me. You know, we both love working together. She is a very, very good stage and work partner. We really appreciated the larger canvas. It’s always been fun because we have our own way of approaching films.,

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