Paul Bettany says ‘Infinity War’ was made better

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  • Paul Bettany reveals death scene for Vision Avengers: Infinity War It had to be improvised because the original script did not work as planned.
  • Bettany explains that he was initially cast as JARVIS in Iron Man and ultimately used the character’s shortcomings as a starting point for developing Vision.
  • Bettany described the difficult process of getting into the elaborate Vision costume and compared it to being inside a gin and tonic. She also expressed her excitement about working with Elizabeth Olsen wandavision,

Speaking to Collider maggie lovitt This weekend at MegaCon in Orlando, paul bettany Has spoken openly about his time with Marvel, which has spanned 15 years so far. Despite that stint, Bettany’s visibility has actually increased in recent years, with leading roles Avengers: Age of Ultron, Avengers: Infinity WarAnd Avengers: EndgameThis was followed by his first Marvel lead role in the acclaimed limited series, wandavisionin which he was seen with elizabeth olsen, That series allowed both to explore the relationship between Wanda and Vision in more detail, following Vision’s assassination. infinity war By Thanos. Now, years after Vision’s death left fans heartbroken in theaters, Bettany has revealed the surprising reason the scene needed to be improved.

As Bettany explained, the dramatic and tragic death scene for his character did not play out as smoothly as it might have originally unfolded. As is standard with Marvel movies, there was a serious element of secrecy about things that meant the cast had no idea what was happening on any given day unless informed at very short notice. The only problem is that the death scene they were shown didn’t work. which meant directors joe and anthony russo Calling his actors to improvise.

Bettany said, “It was ridiculous. None of us knew who was going to die until the day before or something like that.” Jokingly, Bettany then said, “They showed us kind of a preview of it and everyone was like, Well, I guess I’ll have to take the kids out of private school,” explaining the initial scene. Before doing so, it did not work out as planned, creating the need for the pivot.

The Russo Brothers came to us (Bettanny and Elizabeth Olsen) and said, “Hey, listen, can you improvise this scene?” And I say, “What? Improve becoming a robot when killed? I have no frame of reference! And Lizzie was just laughing at it, and we were so comfortable with each other that… I don’t know how it would have worked other than that, because we both really trust each other and, somehow , we were able to do something that worked. ,

How did Marvel hire Paul Bettany?

On the subject of robots being killed, Bettany also detailed the process of portraying Vision on screen, with the actor originally appearing as Tony Stark’s artificial intelligence, Jarvis. The off-the-cuff comment about someone who “has no personality” was actually used by Bettany as a starting point in further developing the character, as he revealed how he was originally cast. it was done iron Man Back in 2008. during the events of Avengers: Age of UltronVision comes to life as a combination between the Mind Stone and JARVIS to create a synthetic being, which meant the character was almost a blank slate for the actor to work with.

Jon Favreau, who played my agent in a movie called Wimbledon, said, “Look, I’m directing this thing called Iron Man and I need someone who has no personality, and I immediately thought of you. I thought.” How do you say ‘no’ to that? So I was doing it, and it was so much fun and I ended up coming in and solving everybody’s problem, solving what they couldn’t articulate on camera, all I could do was say, “The bad guys are coming. There are, and they’re right behind you!” Or whatever… I think I made everyone laugh, and they went, Oh, it would be nice to have her on the set. I think that’s what happened. I think they just thought it was cool to hang out with me. It will be fun.

Bettany also explained how he portrayed the character’s humanity, saying, “My plan for him was that when he’s born he’s omnipotent. age of Ultron, And then, as it becomes more sophisticated with the amount of data it receives, he becomes more human, I mean, I think when you’re dealing with robots or artificial people or whatever, I think there’s really two stories (that apply)…Pinocchio and Frankenstein – “I Now Am I a real boy or who created me and for what?” We were definitely in the Pinocchio camp.”

What does Paul Bettany like about being at Marvel?

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Absolutely, That change meant moving from the recording studio to the on-set, And Vision, whose color palette is somewhat beetroot red, means Bettany will have to wear a very elaborate costume. And as the actor revealed, the process was difficult. “I mean, I think my dresser should pay extra for it,” he laughed. “The process is difficult. I have a radiator underneath (the costume) that just pumps cold water that I have to carry in a bag. It’s a bit like being inside a gin and tonic.”

As soon as Thanos removed the Mind Stone from Vision’s head, Bettany thought his time at Marvel was over. That is, unless, wandavision Came along. Getting the chance to work with Olsen for a long period of time and focus entirely on her rather than a small part of a huge group was a huge thrill for Bettany, as he explains:

I think it was a lot of fun for Lizzie and me. we both like working together, You know. He’s a great, great scene partner, work partner. She is tireless, and she is always ready and courageous. I really like working with him, we really enjoyed the big canvas. It’s always been fun because we have our own lane compared to the movies. And it was so fun to really be able to spread out and play and have so many different dynamic styles.

All of Bettany’s appearances in the MCU can be found on Disney+.

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