Pep Guardiola’s phrase that generated echo after Real Madrid’s defeat to Barcelona: “If he calls me…”


bench of xavi hernandez In barcelona On fire after 4-1 defeat against Barcelona real Madrid in the finals of spain supercup,

Six named by Barcelona after defeat against Real Madrid: Lewandowski’s harsh message and the fall of the wall

The whites destroyed the porters in Arab and a phrase started going viral on social networks that they left pep guardiola Exactly one year ago, about a possible return to the Barça team.

“I can work here (Manchester City), which If Barcelona calls me I will go. this is my club“, Guardiola assured in that press conference.

He then changed his position and assured: “My time as a coach FC Barcelona it’s all over. I hope Xavi stays at Barcelona for many years. And when he decides that his stage is over, Busi (Busquets) or someone else will come.

In particular, many fans of barcelona He has called for Xavi to step down after his defeat real MadridYes, club sporting director Deco confirmed that Hernandez will continue.

Vinicius reacts to whether he wants to be Kylian Mbappe’s teammate at Real Madrid

,Xavier? This question has no meaning. Everyone has faith in the coach. It’s a defeat that doesn’t change anything in that aspect. “Xavi has full confidence from us.”

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