Survivors of the Andes tragedy: For those of us who were in the mountain range, the most terrifying thing was not eating the dead bodies

On December 13, Netflix released the film The Snow Society, directed by Juan Antonio Bayona and based on a Uruguayan flight that crashes into a glacier in the Andes and how some members of a rugby team manage to survive. Stayed, then spent 2 months in the mountain range.


Roberto Canessa, one of the 16 survivors of the Los Andes tragedy, assures director Juan Antonio Bayona “It manages to portray that icy society of survivors, of rugby players who have gone for fun in Chile, at an altitude of 3,500 meters in 30 degrees below zero… These are the qualities that make this film fascinating. “

Canessa, who was a medical student at the time and as portrayed by actor Mattias Rekault, who was her interpreter, confessed that He left Los Andes to return to his life, “heal and carry on.”

“It turned out to be a turning point in my life,” he said.

Canessa explained that he managed to learn few facts from the film, as he only knew what he had experienced, and at times he walked away as the film shows.

One of the scenes that impressed the public and made the film rank in the top 1 most watched in Latin America was how the survivors need to eat meat from the bodies of the dead people from the same flight. felt, survive 72 days in the snow.

“For those of us who weren’t there, the scariest thing was eating the dead bodies, but for those of us who were there, the scariest thing was the avalanches, the uncertainty and seeing people dying and when someone dies you think That you are leaving.” To be next. Canessa said, “You weren’t sorry for her, but for yourself… If I had died, it would have been an honor for them to use my body for the Life Project.”

He confessed that despite his fear, he still held out hope for a comeback and that this was “his driving force” to stay alive.

Finally, on December 22, 1972, Roberto Canessa, along with 15 other survivors of the Los Andes tragedy, returned to his normal life, medical school, his girlfriend and the rugby team.

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