The most “scary” thing about ChatGPT that surprises more than one person, according to an AI expert

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has achieved great progress in the technological world. This innovative method, combined with development through applications and social networks, took the risk of knowing the concerns of users and, based on clear and accurate diagnosis, developed different methods to solve their problems.

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This is where artificial intelligence through ChatGPT started collecting valuable information and made available a program where with just one question the person can get a proper answer which is close to their requirement.

Although this format is new and very practical, manufacturers from technology companies raised their reservations about this advanced technology and asked for some restraint. This is the case of Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, who joined in with recommendations on how to use AI beneficially without abusing it.

In an in-depth dialogue with Bill Gates on a podcast called Infuse Me, Altman assured that humans are capable of re-inventing themselves and thus adapting to the many changes that come, although he expressed a little doubt about this. Left little scope as to how they would act. Jobs began to take off due to the late ChatGPT incident.

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