This drone with GPS, 4K camera and top low battery is at a clearance price

There is nothing better than using a drone to experience the true sensation of flying without getting into the plane that has become so fashionable in recent years. Today we are talking about a model from the Le-IDEA brand, with which you can experience high-level immersive flight without spending big, since its price on Amazon is unbeatable.

let’s talk about le-idea37, a drone with good features, as it includes a 4K camera, a two-axis gimbal, a GPS positioning system as well as assisted flight and automatic home return. All this makes it more than an interesting device and the best part is that you can buy it for less than €260. Below, we tell you all the details about its features and you will definitely be surprised by it.

Fun flights with stable recording and great battery

One of its major sections is the presence of the system GPS positioning. It is responsible for accurately recording and locating position while flying. This way, if you lose signal or run out of battery, you will always have the option to return to the starting point. It is also used to trace flight routes, record them and complete the entire route automatically. Furthermore, it is controlled using its application and 5 GHz WiFi connectivity.

Also worth noting is the presence of a camera equipped with a two-axis gimbal that is capable of capturing 4K images and 2.5K videos. To achieve the best quality, it includes electronic image stabilization, which is responsible for reducing blur during flight. To capture and record, it is best to choose an SD card which you have to purchase separately.

Another important section includes two 1600 mAh batteries which allows us to find time of flight up to 48 minutes, according to the manufacturer. It also features a fixed buckle with a modular design that ensures a strong hold on the battery. inside we also find one brushless motor Which is more powerful and operates with longer useful life than conventional engines. Also, its design is foldable and its weight is only 249 grams.

Get this premium drone at the best price

Once its main features have been reviewed, and through conclusions, You-IDEA37 It is a very complete drone that can meet the needs of all users who want to have a good flying experience without jacking up too high.

IDEA37 Drone

And the best part is found in its price. you have one on amazon RRP €298.99But if we press the box “Apply €40 Coupon” It’s only €258.99 with free shipping. Additionally, there are over 250 opinions and fifty % Buyers have rated it 5 stars.

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