Petro orders Colombia to suspend arms purchases from Israel after deaths of civilians waiting for food in Gaza

(CNN) — Colombia’s President Gustavo Petro announced he would suspend arms purchases from Israel after more than 100 people were killed and hundreds injured when Israeli forces opened fire on them while waiting for food in northern Gaza on Thursday. The President made the announcement through his official X account, formerly known as Twitter.

“It is called genocide and it is reminiscent of genocide, even though world powers do not like to recognize it. The world must stop Netanyahu. “Colombia has suspended all purchases of arms from Israel,” Petro wrote.

Palestinian officials say at least 104 people were killed and hundreds more wounded when Israel Defense Forces soldiers opened fire on a crowd gathered around food aid trucks. According to Khadir al Zanoun, a local Gaza journalist, most of the victims died amid the chaos as aid trucks ran over people as everyone tried to escape Israeli gunfire.

The Israeli military and witnesses have provided conflicting accounts of events on the ground. An Israeli official told CNN that IDF soldiers used live fire on people surrounding aid trucks when “the crowd approached the forces in a way that posed a threat to the soldiers, who responded to the threat.” With live fire. The incident is being reviewed.” IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari said that Israeli tanks fired warning shots to “disperse cautiously” the crowd gathered around the aid convoy after seeing people in the crowd being trampled. Drove.

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