Philadelphia Phillies bus crashes in Florida

The accident occurred after Monday’s meeting between the said team and boston red sox, who led Rob Thomson They were going to face Fort Myers minnesota twinson Tuesday.

Fortunately, the bus and all occupants of the vehicle survived the accident. It was just a scare on the I-75 North Freeway.

According to the official portal of philadelphia phillies, It is known that the driver of the sedan-type vehicle was fine, but his health condition was not known for certain. After all, his car was badly damaged in the incident, while the bus was barely scratched.

Lost a day of practice for the Philadelphia Phillies

It is fortunate that the accident happened between a private vehicle and a bus. philadelphia phillies There were no fatal consequences. However, this caused problems for the forces led by Rob Thomson.

The players and coaching staff traveling in it had to wait for four hours to reach there. Hammond Stadiumspring house minnesota twins,

Journalist matt gelb revealed in x Players were not able to take normal batting practice before Tuesday’s game.

According to mlb.comdominican johan rojas, Yunior Marte and Edmundo Sosa of Panama, were aboard the bus, but everyone reached their destination safely after excellent management by the Highway Patrol. FloridaWho was in charge of lifting the crash.

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